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Delicious Tease Day #39: Tracy Wolff

I'm baaaaaack! Anyway, there will be one more chance to win a copy of Tease Me, but I thought I'd take today to foray into a little different direction. As you can see by the covers on the sidebar, I also write Harlequin Superromances. My next Superromance, Beginning with Their Baby, hits the shelves on July 13th and is a follow up to my June 2009 book, From Friend to Father. I thought I'd give you a sneak peak of it today along with offering signed copies of all three of my backlist Superromances, A Christmas Wedding, From Friend to Father and The Christmas Present. So comment below for a chance to win. Sorry the cover isn't available yet ...


Camille Arraby is impulsive, creative and completely commitment phobic. An artist who works odd jobs to pay the bills, she takes impetuousness to a whole new level—she’s managed to live her entire adult life without putting down roots or taking on responsibilities. But why would she when there’s a big world out there dying to be explored and she’s only seen about half of it? Carpe diem is her catch phrase, which is why she goes home with the tall, good-looking guy she met at a friend’s art exhibit. One night stands aren’t her usual thing, but this guy is just too delicious to let slip through her fingers. One night turns into six weeks, and suddenly she’s looking into the eyes of a guy thinking about commitment. That’s all it takes for the girl voted most likely to sail around the world to take off with a wink and a wave. Love is fine—as long as someone else is falling into it.

Matt Jenkins is haunted by dreams of Camille. From the moment he first saw her, he wanted as much as she would give him—and probably a whole lot more. An architect who is used to bringing order to even the most chaotic project, Camille is a challenge he just can’t resist. And when he starts to fall for her, the control freak in him does something it’s never done before—it surrenders to the inevitability of falling in love. But when Camille takes off on him, unwilling to even give a relationship between them a try, he gives up on her. He’s been burned before—badly—and the idea of chasing after another woman who doesn’t care enough about him to stick around isn’t his idea of a good time. So he writes her out of his life … until the day she shows up, pregnant, on his doorstep.

Opposites attract, but how do two such different people put aside their differences and try to build a life for themselves—and their child?


Looking into his eyes, she promised herself that she wasn’t going to run anymore. Matt was everything she wanted and more than she deserved and she would not turn her back on what they had simply because she was scared.
Suddenly, she was in a huge hurry, but Matt seemed almost hesitant, as if he was afraid to hurt her with her new, unwieldy body.
Determined to change that, she smiled sexily and murmured, “I won’t break, you know. I’m still the same woman I was six months ago.”
It was all the invitation he needed. Breathing harshly, he backed her up against the glass door that led to the backyard and held her there as his lips ran over her neck and shoulders and the hollow of her throat.
Fire raced through her wherever he touched, and she could tell he felt the same way. His breathing was harsh, his muscles tight, his arousal hard where it nestled in the juncture of her thighs.
And he was staring at her, watching her, with eyes of melted chocolate. She glanced down, suddenly overwhelmed by the need to see herself through his eyes. To understand what made him lick his lips while he gazed at her, to know why he was so aroused by this new shape of hers.
Her breasts were full, swollen, her nipples bright pink and hard as rubies. Her skin was pale, the dark blue veins of her breasts evident beneath the oh, so delicate skin. Her stomach jutted out beneath them, round and hard and ungainly, but he didn’t seem to mind, his hands racing over the taut skin like it was the most beautiful think he’d ever seen.
His hands moved up, cupped her breasts and she gasped at how could he felt.
“Are they sore?” he whispered, bending down to trace the upper curve of her breast with his mouth. “The books say—“
“Not too sore. Not if you’re gentle.” Her hands covered his, squeezed, in a plea for him to touch her. Really touch her.
“I will be. I promise.” His tongue licked over her breast—softly, sweetly, tenderly. Tears sprang to her eyes at the care he was taking with her, but she blinked them back. She wasn’t going to cry—not this time. No matter how cherished he made her feel.
Then his mouth turned rougher; darkness and flames licked their way from her nipples to her stomach, down her arms and legs, until they coalesced in the ache between her thighs.
“Matt, please.” She thrashed against him, bucking and arching as she tried to coax him into giving her what she wanted. What she needed.
He only laughed and pulled his mouth away completely, his breath a soft breeze over her achingly aroused flesh. She grabbed his head in her hands, her fingers tangling in his silky, too-long hair as she tried to force his mouth back to her distended nipple.
“Don’t tease me,” she pleaded as she arched against him.
“Baby, I haven’t begun to tease you.” He curled his tongue around her areola, sucked it into his mouth with a power so strong he had her gasping.
“Too much?” he demanded, immediately softening the pressure.
“No, no, no!” It was a mantra, a plea for him to continue. When he did, the pleasure was so intense she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming.
“Take me.” She didn’t care that she was begging, didn’t care that she sounded hot and needy and completely overwhelmed. The only thing she could think about was getting Matt inside her, and she would do anything to get him there. Risk anything to have him where she so desperately needed him.
“That’s what I’m doing.” His breath was hot against her breast, his hair cool against her neck and chin. She was pushing against him, whimpering, pleading with every weapon she had for him to put her out of her misery.
He refused to be hurried, no matter how restlessly her legs moved against his or how desperately her hands clenched in his hair. He pushed her and pushed her, licking delicately, nibbling softly, until she was on the brink of sobbing. Only then, when she was strung tight and on the edge of madness, did he drop to his knees in front of her.
“Oh, God!” She couldn’t stop the whimper that welled in her throat, any more than she could keep from twisting the auburn hair in her suddenly tight fists.
Rough hands parted her trembling thighs, and he stared at her with burning, intense eyes. “You’re so beautiful, Camille. So unbelievably beautiful.” He reached one calloused finger out and stroked right down the center of her.
She trembled again, his words and touch arrowing through her brain to her heart and onto her sex in one burning line. No man had ever looked at this most private part of her and called her beautiful before. No man had ever stared at her as if it was agony not to be inside her. No man but Matt.
The thought made heat explode within her, shooting her arousal from hot to feverish to downright frenzied. She could feel an orgasm welling powerfully within her and she stood there, shaking, while he brought her right to the brink with almost no effort at all.
“I like this,” he murmured, leaning forward so his mouth brushed against her bare inner thigh and the small butterfly tattoo she’d gotten a few months before. “It’s new.”
“I got it in Brazil.”
He nuzzled the small tattoo, licked it. “It suits you,” he murmured, running his lips over her hipbone and abdomen. As he stopped to nibble at each birthmark and freckle., she was deathly afraid that her legs would give out beneath her.
“Matt, I’m going to fall.” Her hands clutched at his shoulders.
“I won’t let you.” His mouth closed softly over her navel, his tongue incredibly gentle as it probed her belly button and the soft skin of her abdomen.
And then he was moving on, moving down, his lips skimming over the curve of her stomach, down the side of her hip. His tongue made little forays underneath her hipbone, delicate little touches that lit her up like a Roman candle. Sharp little nips that had her gasping for air with lungs that had forgotten how to breathe.
“Matt.” It was a cry of agony, a plea born of desperation, and his hands clenched on her thighs as he realized just how far he had pushed her.
Shudders racked his body as Matt buried his face between Camille’s thighs. She smelled delicious, like brown sugar and vanilla and sweet, sweet strawberries. He paused for a minute; simply absorbed her smell into himself. He took a deep breath, then another and another, while his thumbs stroked closer and closer to the slick folds of her sex.
With each slide of his thumb, she trembled more. With each clasp of his hands, she took a shuddering breath. And when he moved forward, blowing one long, warm stream of air against her, she started to cry, to sob, her body spasming with even the lightest touch of his against it.
He was on fire, his erection so hard that he feared he might explode if he didn’t take her soon. But he wasn’t ready for it to end, wasn’t ready to send her careening over the edge so he could follow behind.
He wanted to savor her, to push her, push himself, higher than they’d ever gone before.
But she was coming apart, her body so sensitive and responsive that it humbled him even as it made him sweat.
“You’re unbelievable,” he muttered as he delivered one long lick along her gorgeous sex. “So incredibly responsive I could just—” He stopped talking as Camille screamed, her hands clutching his hair as flames ripped through her. He kissed her a second time. And then a third, lingering on her most sensitive spot.
She sobbed as she hurtled over the edge, orgasm roaring through her body like a series of shooting stars. He held her while she came, stoking the flames higher and higher until she was screaming silently, her hands clutching at his shoulders in an effort to pull him up and into her.
Her need sent him over his own edge, and he stood in a rush. “I need to be inside you,” he growled, as he turned her and pressed her front against the cool, glass door.

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