Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Delicious Tease Day #17: Shayla Black

It's release day, FINALLY! I've waited for this day, as many of my readershave, for two and a half years. I'm thrilled to be able to share Luc andAlyssa's story with you.He can’t control his desire.

Luc Traverson’s entire future is planned out—but there is one very sexy obstacle in his path: Alyssa Devereaux . She’s a former exotic dancer turned strip club owner and restaurateur. Recently, Alyssa and Luc shared one night of wild abandon that left Luc terrified by his loss of self-control—and Alyssa desperate for more.
And that’s just the way she wants it.
Fulfilling a promise, Luc is the guest chef for Alyssa’s restaurant debut. The sight of her makes Luc wild, so how can he survive a week without letting loose and ravaging her—especially when she’s begging for it? Luc’s desire for her explodes when he realizes he isn’t the only man desperate to have her. But one of the others is deadly. And that’s not the end of Alyssa’s secrets…which are as dark and mysterious and enticing as her fantasies.

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I also wanted to share a NEW EXCERPT of DELICIOUS with you today. It’s one of my favorites… Enjoy!


Luc raised his glass and took a sip, savoring the champagne. Then he frowned. “This could be better.”
“In what way?”
His sensual mouth lifted in a smile. “It would taste better on you.”
That was all the warning Alyssa got before Luc dipped his finger in his glass, then traced the liquid over her lips. She barely had a moment to smell the tang, feel the tickle of the bubbles, before Luc rose over her, eyes a blazing black, before he devoured her in a scorching kiss.
Air left her body in a rush of sizzle and need. She swayed toward him, and he pulled her in tighter, slanting his lips over hers again and sinking deep into her. So deep. It was as if the last seven weeks of separation had never happened. Her body knew him, dampened, ached, opened, yearned.
Moaning, Luc pressed closer, conquering the last of her resistance and wits with his fervent kiss. Without conscious thought, her hands found their way into his hair, tied neatly at his nape. She needed to bury her fingers in it the same way she needed to bury her senses in his scent.
Suddenly, he pulled away and traced more champagne on her lips. Now they tingled and trembled, and she couldn’t wait to feel his mouth over hers again. Luc didn’t disappoint, tasting her, drinking from her as if he’d never get enough.Alyssa wondered if she ever would.
“I need more of you,” he demanded, peeling off her suit coat and attacking the buttons of her blouse. “Now.”
His gaze remained riveted on her, a searing promise of ecstasy to come, a silent declaration of his intent to satisfy her until she was boneless and whimpering. Already she trembled. Desire throbbed between her legs. Blood scalded her veins. She couldn’t wait to feel him skin to skin, surging deep inside her until she knew nothing but the pounding pulse of desire and the wild surge of climax overtaking her body and inhibitions.
Next, he tore into her bra, yanked away her skirt, and shredded her thong with his hands. Now completely naked and at the mercy of a man who appeared to have none, Alyssa throbbed.
“Undress,” she rasped, reaching for his coat.
He shook off her request, then reached for a chocolate-covered strawberry. “Open.”
Arguing with that forceful command seemed impossible. As soon as her lips parted, he placed the sweet fruit on her tongue. Flavor burst across her senses, and she bit into its succulence, melting most of the chocolate on her tongue. Sipping champagne, Luc watched, his gaze smoldering.
The second she swallowed, he was all over her again, his mouth forcing hers open under the crush of his. The chocolate met the bubbly wine on her tongue. The flavors entwined to create something irresistible. Pressing closer, she ate at his mouth, needing more, and he gave, delving into her endlessly. She gasped.
Moments later, he was gone, reaching for the nearby table. “Mousse?”
Panting, unable to answer, Alyssa stared as Luc picked up a cup and spooned a bite into her mouth.
Oh, dear God! That man could create the most amazing flavors. She closed her eyes and moaned. When she opened them, he was swallowing another sip of champagne—and swooping down for another kiss.
This time, she anticipated the flavors, the rich, lingering taste, now creamy and smooth and addicting. Every time his tongue brushed hers, the flavor of the bubbly wine added the perfect tang to the sweet decadence of the dessert.
She grabbed his shoulders to rid him of the jacket and pull him closer. He edged away, then grabbed the mousse once more.
He tossed the spoon aside, and it landed with a clatter on the table. Alyssa flinched, but the sound didn’t register with him. He simply shoved two fingers into the smooth confection and scooped some out.
“Wha-what are you doing?”
Dizzy, overwhelmed, she could barely catch a breath. He’d kissed her, stripped her bare, and already she was in danger of losing her head completely. And she didn’t care. Now she just needed more of this volatile ride to pleasure only he could deliver.
Luc spread her out on the sofa, then smeared the mousse between her swollen folds. She gasped at the icy-hot sensation of the dessert and warm skin against her and struggled to keep her head.
He was having none of that. He grabbed the bottle of champagne and tipped it above her. Cold, bubbly liquid sloshed over her breasts and abdomen, pooled in her navel . . . drizzled into her pussy with a sensation that made her gasp.
Wearing a devilish smile, Luc stared at her wet body and chocolate-covered clit. “Having dessert.”

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