Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Delicious Tease Contest Day #18: Beth Kery

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce Beth Kery, a woman I met about a year ago-- after reading one of my favorite books of all times, her Daring Time. A fabulous writer and a warm, wonderful woman, Beth Kery writes books that will keep you up long into the night. Enjoy the excerpt of her latest release, Release, and make sure to comment to win a copy of a backlist book of your choice.


His need for her was so absolute, he agreed to share her with another man in order to possess her. Genny loved her husband Max, but something was missing—a sexual charge that was instead ignited by his business partner, Sean. He was ruggedly handsome, with a heart-stopping smile and a slow, sexy New Orleans drawl that made Genny weak.

The more time they spent together, the stronger the attraction between them became and when her husband offered to share her with Sean for one intoxicating night, both Genny and Sean were too tempted to refuse. That night in the company penthouse, Max and Sean showed Genny the heights of ecstasy. But it was Sean who scored her very spirit, and one-on-one, they were red hot.

But as Genny learns, there’s a price to pay for such impulsive pleasure. What began as a night of forbidden desire spirals into a whirlpool of murder, sensual submission, secrets, and a scorching passion that threatens to consume everyone it touches.


The blonde woman cried out in agonized pleasure as her orgasm notched back up again to its original potent blast. Genevieve must have whimpered in mixed misery and arousal, because suddenly Sean’s head whipped around.

The woman continued to keen and moan while she gushed in climax, and Sean pinned Genevieve with his stare. His fierce, blue-eyed gaze hit her like a bolt of electricity. Her muscles jerked, the harsh movement awakening her from her trance. The next thing she knew, she was flying blindly down the hallway. She heard him call out to her, his voice sounding flat with incredulity. He called out again, this time sounding closer . . . too near for her to make it all the way to the front door without him overtaking her.

She thought she might shatter into a million pieces if Sean put his hands on her at that moment. She fumbled for the master bedroom door and rushed inside. “Genny. What the hell—” His exclamation was cut off when Genevieve slammed the door and swiftly turned the lock. The handle jerked. His hand thumped on the door. She pressed her back against the wood, straining to hear in the taut silence that followed. “Genny.”

She clamped her burning eyes shut at the softly uttered plea. It must be a hollow-core door, because she could actually hear him quite well. It sounded like he’d spoken with his forehead pressed against the crack between the door and frame. They were only inches apart— “You picked a hell of a time to come waltzing back into my life,” he said, his low voice vibrating with emotion. “I didn’t know you’d be here.”

“Obviously.” She licked her tear-spattered lips. For the first time, she realized her face was soaked. She must have been crying for a while now . . . maybe since she’d first heard Sean’s easy drawl resounding from the depths of the penthouse. “Go away, Sean.” Her heart thundered in her ears in the pause that followed. The door gave slightly, as though he’d just pushed himself off it.
“I was here first.”

“You can go straight to hell second, boy.” His chuckle sounded appreciative . . . amused. Sad. “Just give me a minute to tell her good-bye.” For a second, she thought he’d walked away, but then his deep voice penetrated the crack of the door again. “Are you okay? Did something happen?”

She stared at the enormous king-sized bed in front of her—the bed where the three of them had become drunk on pleasure three years ago. Did something happen? She’d say it had. Genevieve had been forever changed on the night Max had offered his young wife to his super-sharp, second-hand man . . . the night she’d burned beneath Sean’s touch. “I’m fine,” she said blankly, her eyes glued to the bed as vivid memories played before her mind’s eye . . . memories brought to the forefront by being in the room where it’d all happened.

“Yeah, right,” she heard him reply wryly.
“Will you just leave me alone?”
“That’s likely.” This time, she sensed for certain that he’d walked away.
A minute later she still hadn’t moved. They passed within feet of her.
“You’re acting very rudely,” the woman accused petulantly as she moved down the hallway.

“Yeah, I’ve been told I have a problem with that,” Sean replied evenly.
“Is there someone here? Who were you talking to?” But then their voices faded. She heard the front door open and shut, and knew Sean was escorting the female out of the tight Sauren-Kennedy Solutions security. He’d get her a cab. He may have grown up poor, friendless, and fatherless, one of the ‘conduct disordered’ terrors of the mean streets of New Orleans, but Sean’s manners were impeccable.

Genevieve still hadn’t moved when he returned a few minutes later. She stood stock-still, her back against the door like she thought she was on the penthouse’s window ledge with the city looming below her toes. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the handle turn.

He spoke softly again near the crack in the closed door. “You’d better open up, girl. You don’t really think that excuse of a lock is gonna keep me from you, do you?”

Her pulse threatened to leap right off her neck. She’d never heard him call another female gull, his drawl softening the “r” until it was only barely audible. The sound of it on his tongue had always felt like a caress. She spun around and flipped the lock. Her gaze remained fixed on the carpet as she stormed past him. She grabbed the bag she’d dropped in the foyer and reached for the handle on the front door. His hand rose behind her, shutting the door with a precise snap.

“What happened?”
“What makes you think something happened?” she asked irritably. She was hyperaware of him just inches away, leaning down over her. Heat resonated off his body.
“Don’t, Genny. Haven’t you punished me enough by avoiding me all this time? You know I’d never have wanted you to see what you just saw. Not in a million years.”
Her soughing breath was the only thing that broke the silence that followed. Her chin dropped to her chest. She did know it. She may have her doubts about him, but she knew instinctively Sean Kennedy would never purposefully hurt her. The havoc he’d wreaked unintentionally on her life was another matter altogether.

***** 5 stars from the Romance Studio--Release will have you turning the pages long into the night.
5 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies--Try not to fall in love with Sean and Genny's story - I dare you!
Fresh Fiction–Sexy and beautifully intense, (RELEASE) is about trust, friendship, love and betrayal. A must-read that’s absolutely perfect!
5 stars from Affaire de Couer: One of the sexiest, most erotic love stories that I have read in a long time.

Question of the Day: Sean has a gorgeous New Orleans accent (I remember them well from the four years I went to school there), so I thought I'd ask, what's your favorite accent on a man? I'm a sucker for accents, but my favorite are the New Orleans drawl and Cockney English. Remember to comment for a chance to win your choice of Beth's backlist!


  1. A Scottish brogue like Sean Connery's does it for me...Yum ;-)
    Of course, my family is from Scotland so maybe it's a genetic thing ,lol
    I have Release loaded on my Sony and ready to go, after this smoking excerpt I might have to find the time to sit down and read it really soon!

  2. I'm from the South and have always liked southern drawls.

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  4. Oops...forgot to answer the question

    I love a British accent as well as great Scottish brogue...just completely gets me all flustered and overheated. :)

    I'm a perpetual Beth stalker...LOL
    I love her work...I've currently reading Wicked Burn...and girlz heads seriously is a scorcher of a story! I'm on meltdown :P

    I'm trying to work my way through her backlist...I have a couple more books left to read. I know it's going to be excruciating waiting for her next release...I'm not the most patient soul on the planet. LOL

    Happy Reading
    Anna Shah Hoque

  5. Hi Beth!!

    Releases is an AWESOME book so if you've not read it and get it now, it really is a MUST read!!

    I love accents too! Southern, Scottish, Australian.......they are all good!

  6. Thank you for having me here today, Shayla and Tracy!

    Good question, Tracy. I'm such an accent lover; I'm always trying to learn them. I'd have to say my favorite is the Irish accent, so I'm with you, Mariska. I had it down pretty good when I was in Ireland, too. I soak up accents kind of fast. Useless, but fun skill. *snort*
    I'm actually writing a hero with an Irish accent at the moment--a bad boy film director. It's coming back to me.

    Hi there Cheryl! Yeah, I agree with you and Anna (it's okay Anna, stalk away:) the Scottish is a close second.

    Andrea-hello! Yeah, nothing like a southern drawl. Slow and deep.

  7. Morning Blanche! I missed you. Thanks so much about Release! Oh, yes. We cannot forget the Aussie accent.

  8. I really haven't heard that many, so I have to say just an accent in general... wait, I'm reading everyone elses' responses— Australian! Brings up images of bad boys :)

    Miranda- Sweet Vernal Zephyr
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  9. My favorite is an Australian accent!

  10. Oh man are you kidding me, growing up in Louisiana, I am sucker for a country boy accent and when he says Darlin... I am like a big water puddle!!!!!!!!!! That one and Gerard Bulter's.... And Sean Connery.... OH heck, you gotta lov'em all!!
    Thanks for the chance to win.. I am dying for this book!!!
    Have a great day!!!

  11. Hi,
    I'm new here. I've found you and your books though Seductive musing. ^^

    I adore any accent really. If a person speaks to me in an accent that is not my own they can speak all day about whatever they want. I will admit i'm particularly drawn to English and Scottish accents. I can listen to a man reading the telephone book if he has a english accent. ^^


  12. Looks like a great book, I like a New York accent on a man, very sexy!

  13. I guess I like accents too. English is my hubby's fourth language, so he's got a deep, smoky accent that sends chills down my spine-- in a good way, of course. But I'd forgotten the bad boy Irish accent. And the Australian accent. And the ... yep. I'm an accent girl. Kevin, my hero in Full Exposure, has the most delightful cajun accent. I actually shivered when I wrote him.

  14. Hi Beth & Tracy
    My faves are Aussie & South African accents but when Sean calls Genny "girl" I just want to melt. Don't enter me as you know I have all your wonderful books.

  15. I love English and Australian accents, soo hot!

  16. I love hearing a guy speak with an Aussie accent or an Irish accent. Either one can make me melt inside if spoken in romantic moments.

  17. I like to hear men from North Carolina talk.

  18. I love a British accent the most. Like Colin Firth has. Scottish is my runner up.

  19. Southern accent, all the way baby!

    rachie2004 @ yahoo (d0t) com

  20. British for me.

    Richard Armitage, Rupert Penry-Jones and yes, even Robert Pattinson sounds sexy to me.

  21. Hi :)
    oh, no, what a difficult question... I can't discern a difference in an accent...
    greetings, Ina

  22. It's a southern drawl and an Irish lilt that does it for me. I don't even have to understand what they are saying, just love listening to them talk, lol.

  23. I like the British and Aussie accents.

  24. I'm a sucker for many many accents, but I do really love Scottish, Irish, and British accents. I also love a good Australian one :)

  25. I love so many different accents. It depends on the man, though, whether I really like it or not. Usually my favorites are British, Irish, and Australian.

  26. I don't believe I'm that picky when it comes to accents, I'll admit though that I have a particular weakness for Australian and Scottish accents. If I ever meet a guy and he calls me lass with that beautiful scottish brogue I'd probably melt into a puddle of goo at his feet :) Wow Cheryl, your from Scotland? Luckygirl!

  27. English or Scottish accent any day. ;)

  28. I love hearing a thick Irish brogue or a sexy Scottish accent.

  29. Well I'm half french so all I have to say is OuhLaLa!

  30. Hmm...I do love a sexy accent. My favorites are British & Australian.

  31. I have to say a refined English or Scottish accent. I'm not into a heavy brogue or dialect. It's sexy only as long as I can understand what's being said.

  32. Australians do it for me !!

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  33. I like an Aussie or Scottish accent, too. Aussie reminds me of the relaxed, good nature of that country's people. Sean Connery comes to mind with the Scott accent.

    Loved Wicked Burn and have Release on my TBR list (but not in my pile yet).

  34. That excerpt just makes me want to read the rest of the story right now!
    I love English and Scottish accents :)

  35. Well, english is not my first language, so I'm not really good distinguishing accents, but I really like the british one.

  36. My favorites are an Australian accent and a Kiwi accent. My daughter has a friend from New Zealand and when he talks, my knees go weak.

  37. My favorite is British and Australian also.

    Please count me in.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com