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Delicious Tease Conteast Day #42: Kris Cook

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Kris Cook. I had the chance to meet him when I was doing the booksigning with Shayla in Dallas and it was a real pleasure. He was incredibly nice and great fun to talk to, so I'm very excited to also introduce his debut novel, Perfection: Eternally Three. Comment below for a chance to win a print or ecopy.

Being a male writer of paranormal erotic romance has been quite a ride for me. Many friends suggested that I keep my gender to myself. Not my dear friend, Shayla Black. She told me that it wouldn’t be an issue for most and might even be a curiosity for many. I listened and came out as a guy from the very first. Boy, am I glad I did.

My debut book – PERFECTION: Eternally Three has been a thrill. It made it to my publisher’s #2 bestseller list. It’s been getting fantastic reviews. It received a nomination for Best Paranormal Erotic Romance for TRS’s CAPA award. Readers have sent me wonderful emails, which mean so much to me.

The print book came out this month. I can’t even describe the feeling I had when I got to sign one for someone for the first time. It really got me in gear for getting the sequel done. I’ll be turning it in to the publisher in about seven days. Fingers crossed for an early release.

FYI – whoever wins my book may request either a Print or eBook copy.

Dream Big!


While searching for her missing brother, a woman comes face-to-face with two amazing men, straight from her fantasies. Should she trust these immortals who fight a raging war to find her brother? Is it just sex they’re after—or something more?


“Micki, do you like me touching you?” Jared murmured.


His mind swirled with desire and his cock hardened again, making him grit his teeth. Could he really keep the dark lust that beat inside him at bay?

Bradley moved down from her mouth to her shoulders, licking the entire way.

Jared felt Micki’s pulse quicken.

Don’t stop, she thought.

“We won’t stop.” Bradley’s blue power swirled around Micki’s red.

“Not until you’re dripping with desire.” Jared sent his green energy to join with the blue and red surging around her. “Not until you’re begging us to take and fill every part of you.”

Ease off, Bradley warned.

Fuck you.

Micki turned to him. “I—I’ve never begged.”

“By the time we’re done, I promise you’ll be very comfortable with it.” Jared vowed, watching her shiver as the angel sucked on her lobe.

Her breasts demanded Jared’s attention. He gladly complied, cupping them through her blouse. Taking both delectable taut nipples between his thumbs and forefingers he pressed. She gave a long moan and titled her head back, delighting him to his core. He pinched harder. She grabbed his forearms and gasped, blasting his centuries of self-denial to bits.

He released her nipples and caressed her gorgeous mounds.
His reason scattered, overtaken by need. In the back of his head, he knew he must stay focused, but something about her made that impossible.

Bradley sent, Slow down!

Don’t tell me how to triple, infant!

The angel reached around Micki’s back and grabbed his shoulder and squeezed hard enough to break a human bone. But Jared wasn’t human.

She wiggled between them, distracting them, flushed and unaware. Energy gathered and swirled at levels unlike anything Jared had ever seen or experienced. Her skin burned hot under his touch.

Mentally, he probed the power Micki radiated. An enormous jolt shot through him, stronger than anything he’d ever felt. They didn’t have time to slow down. They must triple now.

“I’m nervous,” Micki fidgeted.

“That’s okay, sweetheart.” The angel shot him a glare when

Micki closed her eyes. “I understand, but you’re safe.”

Though Micki’s red energy didn’t shrink back, that would take a tripling, her worries faded from her expression.

The angel promised her, “This will be incredible for you.”

And for us, Jared thought.

Micki opened her eyes. “I’m not sure how far I can go tonight. I didn’t come here for…you know.”

Her gaze burned him up to the core, and his insides threatened to explode. The need to move his mouth over hers, dip inside for another delectable taste, scorched him, leaving him weak-headed as all remaining blood rushed to his cock.

“We’ll go only as far as you want,” Bradley lied.

Jared looked up at Micki. “Believe me, you’ll want everything we can give you.”

He touched her soft lips with his forefinger before he replaced his finger with his mouth. She tasted wonderfully warm and sweet. He pressed harder into the kiss. Urgent need engulfed him.

Desire filled him for their coming orgasms and energy exchange. He puzzled over this new ache she’d brought forth, more compelling than any before. Her energy continued to grow, spanning the entire room. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to consume it all. He must try for Micki, but unease gripped him. What if the tripling didn’t work? What if he couldn’t hold the seeds of darkness inside him from taking her last breath?

Still fully clothed, Bradley gently rolled Micki to her left side, then pulled her back toward his front. Was the angel testing him?

Her thoughts skated into his mind. I can’t believe my fantasy is really coming true. I’ve never been so turned on.

Her silent confession summoned his need to dominate her. He unbuttoned her white silk shirt and found the mounds that had been tempting him all night long. Her firm, reddish nipples jutted out to him, begging to be touched, tasted. He took one at a time between his thumb and forefinger and pinched.

“Yes, yes, yes.” she repeated and then screamed silently, Please, take me!

Jared hesitated. Could he control his hunger enough?

When Bradley rolled her nipples between his fingers, and Micki moaned his question dissipated. Jared leaned in, nipped the hard tips back and forth until he took in one quivering berry in his mouth and sucked hard. Micki’s swirl of energy inundated him.

Jared sat Micki up and dropped to his knees in front of her. As he stared in hunger, Bradley sent a warning glare. He wondered if the angel had his sword ready to conjure.

Jared turned Micki’s hips toward him and removed her skirt, leaving her soaked pink panties clinging to her swollen folds. Micki leaned back into Bradley.

As the angel tossed her shirt to the floor, Jared dipped down and licked Micki’s inner thighs. She moaned. Jared delighted in the sounds roused by his and Bradley’s fondling.

Micki’s trembling revealed her passion and Jared couldn’t wait another second to turn up the heat in her. He kissed her swollen mound under the fabric.

Rivers of light raced around them, a deluge of power. Desire. Passion. Ecstasy. All of it overwhelmed his better senses, trapping him in a vortex of Micki’s sensual energy.

Jared struggled to remind himself to stay in control, to not loose all of his hunger, but when Micki’s red color exploded inside his head, it obliterated all rationale.

He ripped Micki’s panties from her body. His primal need twisted for release. He lapped her clit with his tongue.

Micki’s moans brought a flood to his balls. He needed release, especially when Micki fisted her hands in his hair and pulled him in closer between her legs.

He tensed as the power coursed through him, totally explosive.

“Do you want more?” he said, spreading her legs wider apart.”

Remember to comment for a chance to win a print or e-book copy of Perfection: Eternally Three.


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  2. First off, Hey Ms. Tracy, thanks for having Mr. Kris over here. And thanks for introducing yet another new to me author.

    Second off, Hi Mr. Kris! I think it is great that you stood ground and let the world know that a guy wrote this. From the hot excerpt you have teased us with.. the book sound explosive! And I want more...

    So please count me in for this one!

  3. Congrats on the debut novel. It sounds very hot.

  4. Hot excerpt. Sounds really great.I look foreard to reading it.

  5. Oh wow! What a great excerpt! Excellent debut novel; I can't wait to find out more about these characters.

  6. Hi Kris,
    this looks like a fantastic read. I LOVED Three to's such an awesome story...I've re-read it a couple of times already.

    *If I did win, I would soo totally want a print copy {preferable autographed if you please :) }*

    Happy Reading

  7. Hi Kris and Tracy,

    I am so excited you have given us the chance to win a copy. First off I had the pleasure of meeting Kris when I met Shayla and Tracy in Arlington at there book signing. I love that this is from a male perspective. Congratulations to you Kris on your release ( no pun intended)

  8. I loved this book! Don't enter me in the contest, I just wanted to say whoever wins it will be very happy!

  9. Hi Kris!

    Wow....great excerpt! I can't wait to read more! :)

  10. Very hot excerpt I think I need a glass of ice water and a fan now. I haven't read any of your books but after reading this excerpt I know that I've missed out on a great book.

  11. Hi Kris,
    Wow, that is one Hot excerpt and I like that it's coming from a male's perspective also. I really have to read the whole story. Congratulations on your book Kris and I wish you much success. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.
    Carol L.

  12. Oh my! Thanks for the terrific excerpt, and I'll be adding this to the TBB!

  13. Sounds like a great read. Love menage myself.

  14. Thanks for the great comments. I am so thrilled by your responses. Hope you enjoy. Makes me glad I'm writing this weekend to finish up the sequel. Also, Thanks to Tracy. You're great.

  15. I love reading menages! And I'm thrilled to be introduced to a new-to-me author since this book sounds especially good.

  16. Loved the excerpt, Mr. Kris if you pull this off maybe you'll inspire other guys to write romance novels, I think this will be my first menage read, so I'll definitely be reading it! Count me in the contest please! Oh and congrats on the debut!

  17. Great news about the sequel, Kris. With this kind of writing you now have a new fan, and I can't wait to read the rest of this story.

  18. Joder, Gabby, and Cathy. Thanks. Good luck on the contest.

  19. I love the excerpt and am ready to read more!

    Tracey D

  20. I just read the excerpt on Shayla's website and Oh My!

  21. I love discovering new author's & adding them to my reading list. Bravo!!!

  22. I find it interesting and cool to learn the author is male, writing a menage with two males and a female. Thanks for the great excerpt!

  23. This was a great excerpt! Count me in!

  24. Thanks to all of you, especially to Tracy and Shayla.

  25. Hi Kris!!

    (Thanks for having Kris today ;-))
    I think this that you didn't hide you are makes you all the more special. When I read your books, if I hadn't known before hand, I would have never in a million years your were a man. Your writing is powerful, your words captivating, your stories addictive.
    Keep'em coming, b/c I for one can't get enough!