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Delicious Tease Contest Day #19: Julie James

I am thrilled to have Julie James here today. My favorite new author of 2009, I discovered Julie's first novel, Just the Sexiest Man Alive, when I was searching my local B and N for a new contemporary writer-- and from the first chapter I fell totally and completely in love with her writing. I devoured her second book, Practice Makes Perfect, and have waited very impatiently for this past Tuesday, March 2, when her third book, Something About You came out.

I rushed to the bookstore Tuesday evening, came home with a pile of books from friends and favorite authors (many of whom are appearing here in the next couple of weeks), put them aside and read Something About You until four o'clock in the morning. It, like Julie and the two books that came before it, was fabulous. The fact that she is such a wonderful person as well as a wonderful writer is just icing on the cake! So if you haven't read her yet, now is definitely your chance. Leave a comment below for a chance to win Something About You.


Of all the hotel rooms rented by all the adulterous politicians in Chicago, female Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde had to choose the one next to 1308, where some hot-and-heavy lovemaking ends in bloodshed. And of all the FBI agents in Illinois, it had to be Special Agent Jack Pallas who gets assigned to this high-profile homicide. The same Jack Pallas who still blames Cameron for a botched crackdown three years ago—and nearly ruining his career…


Work with Cameron Lynde? Are they kidding? Maybe, Jack thinks, this is some kind of welcome-back prank after his stint away from Chicago. But it’s no joke: the pair is going to have to put their rocky past behind them and focus on the case at hand. That is, if they can cut back on the razor-sharp jibes—and smother the flame of their sizzling-hot sexual tension…


“And then I heard the door open, so I ran and looked out the peephole,” Cameron said.
“Just being nosy?”
The sarcasm seemed to reinvigorate her. “And thank goodness for that,” she said. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have whatever information I know that I don’t yet realize I know.” She smiled ever so sweetly. “Besides, if I hadn’t been so nosy, Agent Pallas, you and I never would’ve had this lovely chance to reconnect.”
Wilkins coughed while taking a sip of his coffee. It sounded suspiciously like a chuckle.
Jack found her sarcasm laughable. Back when he was in Special Forces, before he’d joined the FBI, he’d interrogated foreign operatives, suspected terrorists, and members of various guerilla militias. He could certainly handle one cheeky assistant U.S. attorney. “I’m glad to see the coffee’s put a little fire back in you,” he said dryly. “Now why don’t you tell me what you saw when you were doing your civic duty and spying though the peephole?”
Wilkins held up his hand. “Um, I’m thinking maybe I should pick back up with this.”
Cameron and Jack answered simultaneously. “We’re fine.”
“I saw a man leave the room, which I’m sure you know,” she told Jack.
“Describe him.”
“I already described him to Slonsky.”
“Do it again.”
Jack saw her eyes flash. She didn’t like being told what to do. Too bad.
“Five foot eleven, maybe six feet tall,” she said. “Medium build. He wore jeans, a black blazer, and a gray hooded T-shirt pulled over his head. He had his back to me the entire time, so I never saw his face.”
“Didn’t you think the hooded T-shirt was a little odd?” Jack asked.
“I heard butt cheeks being slapped and walls that were banged so hard my teeth nearly rattled. Frankly, I’ve found this whole evening to be a little odd, Agent Pallas.”
Out of the corner of his eye, Jack could see Wilkins glance up at the ceiling while fighting off another smile.
“Are you certain about the man’s height?” Jack continued.
Cameron paused, thinking. “Yes.”
“How about his weight?”
She sighed. “I’m really bad at guessing that kind of thing.”
“Make an effort. Pretend this is something important.”
Another glare.
Cameron glanced over at Wilkins. “How much do you weigh?”
“Wait—how come Jack doesn’t have to answer that?”
“The man I saw seems closer to your build.”
“Oh, so he’s a smaller guy, then?” Jack suggested helpfully.
Wilkins turned around. “A smaller guy? I’m an inch above the national average. Besides, I’m spry.”
“Let’s try to narrow this down,” Jack regrouped. “I weigh one-eighty-five, Agent Wilkins is about one-sixty. Given that, where would you say this guy falls?”
She looked between the two men, considering this. “About one-seventy.”
Jack and Wilkins exchanged looks.
“What?” Cameron asked. “What does that tell you?”
* * *

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  1. Hi Julie, haven't read any of your books yet but sure would love to. To more I hear about it the more I want to read it. This excerpt is great. Take care, Kirsten

  2. Oh, i love to win this book ! it's been all over the blogosphere:) count me in !

  3. Yet another great prize for today's contest ! Please count me in ;-)

  4. oh me oh me oh me oh me!!! please please!!!
    This is an awesome woman! I absolutely love her first two books! They took me by surprise to say the least. This was one of the first authors that I had read in a while that was not paranormal and I fell in love!

  5. I've been hearing alot about this one, sounds good!

  6. Hey Julie, I've not had the chance to read any of your books, but the 'teaser' is wonderful! I would LOVE to win a copy of your book, SOMETHING ABOUT YOU! Thank you for a chance to win a book in the economic times!
    Robin in NC

  7. I haven't read any of Julie's work as yet but this book is sitting high on my buy list. It looks absolutely scrumptious and totally captivating. I'm really looking forward to reading it.

    Happy Reading
    Anna Shah Hoque

  8. I've been following Julie's blog tour, hope she doesn't think I'm stalking but I really want this book. I will buy it win or lose but winning is so much more fun!!

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  10. Good morning everyone!! First, I want to say thanks so much to Tracy for having me here today as part of the Delicious Tease contest! I have been ogling TEASE ME ever since I first laid eyes on that cover, and cannot wait for it to come out!!

    Glad you guys are enjoying the excerpt! And LOL, Scorpio--I'm flattered you're following my blog tour!

  11. :) I loved the dialogue in the excerpt! Looks wonderful...Julie, always enjoy your stories!

    rachie2004 @ yahoo (d0t) com

  12. Hi Julie!

    Great excerpt! I loved Just The Sexiest Man Alive and Practice Makes Perfect and I can't wait to read Something About You!!!

  13. I have to admit I haven't read any of your books yet but they are on my list. :) I'm definitely looking forward to reading this one.

  14. Hi Tracy!
    I'm so glad you liked her books - I've heard a lot of good things about them and they are already on top of my wishlist!!!
    wish you all the best,

  15. I haven't read any of her books yet, but from the sounds of it, I need to change that!

  16. I have really been looking forward to this book. Julie's first 2 books were a delight to read. She is a master at writing witty and dynamic dialog!

  17. please count me in,sounds like a great book

  18. Please count me! I've been wanting to read this book since i heard about it a few days ago. Sounds so good!

  19. Can't wait to read Julie's new release. I loved her first two books.

  20. I haven't read this author or her books,but I don't read a lot of contemporary romances. So it would be neat to read one, um small side question? Do her books have to be read in order? Please enter me in the contest. Thanks!

  21. This would be my first Julie James book, and I love her style of combining, humor, romance and suspense. The excerpt had me chuckling.


  22. I would love to read this. The cover really makes me want too.

  23. Please count me in. I would looooove to read this book.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  24. Hi again everyone!!

    Gabby--in answer to your question... nope, my books don't have to be read in order. They are all separate, stand alone stories.

  25. I'm really looking forward to reading this book.

  26. Hi Tracy & Julie
    Tracy - thanks for having Julie here. Julie is the first (& only) author that I emailed before I finished the book to tell her that I couldn't read it in public anymore because I was laughing out loud too much.
    Julie, you are a brilliant writer, talented in so many ways. Your screenwriting talent shows through because I can honestly see your books as movies. Best wishes on SAY's release.

  27. I was on Nalini Singh"s blog and she highly recommends Julie James' book. Congratulations Miss James

  28. Please count me in. I really enjoyed her first two books and this one sounds great. I'm intrigued about the small suspense plot Julie added to this story.

  29. This sounds like a book I'd enjoy! I want to read it!

  30. This book has been getting great reviews and I'd really love to win it.

  31. Please count me in. I love Julie's books!

  32. I also love Julie's books. I didn't read contemporary romance for quite a while ( I was in a paranormal and historical phase :), but Julie was one of the contemporary authors that I just couldn't put the books down until I got to that last page. I love the humor and the snappy dialogues.

  33. I've been really looking forward to this one!

  34. I have been hearing great things about this one. Looking forward to it.

  35. Been hearing good things about this one! I'd love to win it. It's definitely going on the to buy list if I don't win it..

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  36. Just thought I'd pop in one more time to say thanks again to Tracy for having me here!! And thanks for all the nice comments, everyone--glad to hear that people are excited about SOMETHING ABOUT YOU!

  37. I loved this excerpt. I have never read anything by Julie James but I’ll be picking up this book to try based on how good it sounds.

  38. If it's not too late, I'd like to enter the drawing. Thanks.