Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yay! Forbidden Embers Releases Today!

Hi Everyone!  Sorry for my long, dry spell-- I've been working to get the Tracy Deebs name and blog off the ground.  But I just have to share.  My third Dragon's Heat novel, Forbidden Embers, hits the shelves today, October 4th!  This is Logan's story and I can't wait to hear what you think.

To whet your appetite, here's the blurb:

The Dragonstar clan is under attack, endangered by an insidious enemy. Now a top sentry must go undercover, but the task will be more than he bargained for…

Desperate to save his clan from deadly biological warfare, Dragonstar sentry Logan Kelly must infiltrate the Wyvermoon clan—and put an end to the war. Posing as a rogue dragon without a clan, Logan quickly realizes how close the Wyvermoons are to anarchy since the death of their leader. Their ranks are thin, and their only hope lies in Cecily Fournier, the princess whose grasp on the throne is shaky at best. All he has to do is stick around long enough to see his enemies fail.

The plan is foolproof. Until he falls for Cecily.

What starts as an uneasy alliance turns into an uncontrollable passion. As the spark between them gets hotter, Logan discovers the Wyvermoon’s hidden agenda. But how can he bring down the Wyvermoons without exposing himself as a traitor to the woman he loves?

And here's an exclusive excerpt:

He scanned one more time, came up with nothing.  Dropped all but the innermost layers of his mental shields and still came away empty handed.  She wasn’t really thinking about anything, was just lying there, on his sleeping bag, in a dreamy, half-awake state that he longed to be a part of.
            Finally, as certain as he could be that she wasn’t there for any reason beyond the obvious, he stepped into the clearing.  Both man and dragon preened at the sight of her there, waiting for him on the closest thing to a bed he currently had.
He walked over to her slowly, making no effort to disguise his approach.  He didn’t want to startle her, after all.  Not now, when he was so close to his goal.  But Cecily didn’t move, even when he stood over her, and a little spurt of alarm worked its way through him.  Had his scan been wrong?  Was she hurt somehow?
“Cecily.”  He called her name as he crouched over her, reached a hand out to stroke her cheek.  The skin was warm, supple, and his beast—coiled to attack at the threat of her being hurt—relaxed at the feel of her.
Her eyes opened slowly, dreamily and she looked so inviting laying there, her long, blond hair spread around her like a halo, that it took all his willpower not to jump on her and take her like the starving man he suddenly was. 
“Logan.”  Her smile was soft and sweet, as was the hand she reached up to brush against his chest.  “You’re here.”
“I’m here,” he agreed, his voice hoarse.  “And so are you.”
“I’ve been waiting for you.”
“I can see that.”
She flushed a little, her skin turning that same milky pink it had the day before.  It made him want to lap her up, one slow lick at a time.  His dragon roared its approval and, unable to resist, he leaned down and nuzzled the silky skin beneath her ear.
Her breath caught and her hands came up to clutch at his head, to hold him in place.  Logan grinned at the thought, more than happy to stay exactly where he was for, say, the next century or so.  He nuzzled her again, then swirled his tongue behind her ear.
She gasped, arched, and her hands trembled in his hair.  His arousal shot through the stratosphere at the obvious signs of her arousal.  She was incredibly responsive, even more so than she’d been the night before when he’d used his mind to bring her to orgasm, and he was dying to get inside her.  To see how she reacted when he was actually making love to her.
At the same time, though, he wanted to take things slowly,  To explore every part of her that he could.  To find every sweet spot on her body and make her as crazy for him as he was for her.
He pulled away reluctantly, gratified by her small whimper and the way her hands tried to hold on to him.  “It’s okay, darlin’.  I’m not going anywhere.”
  He shifted, lowered himself to the ground beside her, then stretched out on his side so that he was facing her, their bodies only inches apart.  She smiled at him, a tremulous curving of her lips that worked its way inside of him and melted his heart just a little, when he would have sworn such a thing was impossible.
“I was afraid you wouldn’t come back,” he said, then immediately regretted the impulse.  What was wrong with him?  He was supposed to be exploiting her vulnerabilities, not showing her his own.
But she didn’t move to take instant advantage of his admission, didn’t do anything but reach out and stroke a hand over the roughness of his chin.  He hadn’t shaved in a couple days and suddenly he wished that he had.  He didn’t want to scrape her sensitive skin with his stubble.
“I couldn’t stay away,” she answered, rubbing her knuckles against his unscarred cheek.
“I could shave,” he offered.  “If it’s bothering you—“
“Are you kidding?  I love the way it feels.  I want to feel it against—“  She broke off, her eyes shifting away shyly and his temperature skyrocketed.
“Where?” he demanded, grabbing her chin between his thumb and forefinger and tilting her head until she was once again looking him in the eye.  “Where do you want to feel it?”
She shook her head, her white little teeth biting down on her lower lip in embarrassment or nervousness or some other emotion he couldn’t quite put his finger on.
“Cecily,” he asked again, and this time even he could hear the dragon in the deep gravel of his voice.  “Tell me.”
“I can’t.”  Her voice broke.  “Don’t make me say it.” 
He swore at the vulnerability in her eyes, at the shyness that was so shocking in another shifter.  He must have spent too much of his time in recent years around dominant, confident females—he’d forgotten what it was like to be with a woman who wasn’t clawing his back as she told him exactly what she wanted from him.
Before Cecily, he would have sworn that was exactly what he liked in a woman, but there was something about her reticence that turned him on harder and faster than any woman ever had before. 
“I’m sorry, darling’.”  He brushed a soothing kiss over her forehead.  “I didn’t mean to push so hard.”
She shook her head.  “Don’t apologize.  I’m the one who—“
He stopped her with a kiss.  And though he wanted to devour her, to thrust his tongue into the honeyed recesses of her mouth and take everything she had, he kept it soft, sweet, and he hoped, a little comforting.  She deserved that much, after the way he’d come at her the day before down by the lake—and later, in her thoughts. 
He’d been a selfish asshole with her, he realized, as he soothed her nerves away with tender kisses to her cheeks, her forehead, the corner of her mouth.  He’d been so caught up in his own needs and desires that he’d forgotten what the instant attraction between them must be like for her. 
She was young, less than an eighth of his age, so she had to be relatively inexperienced sexually—at least compared to him.  Which meant that for her to give her body to him--a man she didn’t know very well and who wasn’t of her clan—she was probably already stretching her comfort zone.  He needed to take it easy with her.
But it was hard to remember that, and even harder to do it, when her body arched against his and he could feel the heat rolling off her in waves that called to him and to the beast inside him.  Her breasts pushed against his chest and he could feel her hard little nipples digging into his muscles there.  It was making him crazy with the need to be inside her.
Her needs weren’t the same as his, he reminded himself viciously.  At least not yet.  He needed to pet her and tease her and take it slow if he had any hope of raising her desire to the fever pitch his was already at.  Reining in his need-- and the dragon that was prowling just beneath his skin, watching, waiting for its chance to get to her—Logan took a deep breath.  Then reached for her, praying his control was as good as he thought it was.

I hope you like!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Winner of Graveminder is

Robin K!  Congrats, Robin.  Email me your snail mail and I'll drop it in the mail to you.

Sorry this is late: DEADLINES are kicking my butt this week!

Also, I'll be in Houston at Murder by the Book  at 4 pm today  and Katy Budget Books tomorrow at 2 pm. signing Tempest Rising with the Chills and Thrills Book Tour!  Stop by and say hi if you're in the area :)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Come See Me ...

Come see me ...

If you live in the Dallas area :)  I'll be at A Real Bookstore in Fairview at 2 p.m. today as part of the Chills and Thrills Teen book tour and I'll be at the Hurst, TX Barnes and Noble (Fortworth) tomorrow.  I'd love to see you!!!!

Since I'm on the road all weekend, I thought I'd ask what you're up to?  Any amazing plans?  Leave a comment and be entered to win a signed copy of the ARC for Graveminder by Melissa Marr.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What I'm Working on Now!

Hi Everyone-- I know I've been scarce lately, but let me tell you!  Launching Tempest Rising (directly after promoting Hidden Embers) has put me way behind in everything.  I'm on massive deadline (two books due like right now) and a bunch of other stuff right around the corner.  Anyway, first off, I wanted to say thank you to all of you for making Tempest Rising's release week such a big success.  I really appreciate it :)  I have the best fans in the world!!!

Also, I'm just finishing up my dragon short story, Eternal Embers, which will be online from Penguin this September, so I'll post something from that later in the week.  But today, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of my new YA.  Tentatively called Zero Day, it's the Pandora Book I keep telling you about-- the one where she opens an attachment instead of a box and hearkens technological Armageddon.  Anyway, here's a quick look-- hope you enjoy!

My seventeenth birthday starts with betrayal. 
It ends the same way but that’s a different story—at least for now.

AP English is my first class of the day and for the past two weeks we’ve been doing a unit on Shakespeare.  Love sonnets.  A history in the form of Henry V.  Biography studies.  And now, a tragedy.  And not just any tragedy, mind you, but Othello, which just might be the most tragic of the tragedies, or so I’ve been told.  My best friends, Jules and Emily, assure me that they have it worse—they’re reading Hamlet in their regular Brit Lit class-- but I’m not so sure.  Shakespeare’s Moor is no picnic, especially at eight forty-five in the morning.

Even worse, Mr. March—who is usually pretty cool—has divided us into groups to analyze scenes.  Again, not such a bad thing, except for the fact that 1) we have to act them out in front of the class and 2) he was obviously off his meds when he chose our partners. My group consists of me, Senior class president and head cheerleader Tara McKinney (who wears about an inch of make-up every day and drives a Barbie Pink Hummer—Barbie Pink!  Need I say more?), Zane Connolly (the biggest nerd in the school, which is totally fine, except he has a crush on Tara and it’s painful to watch him try to get her attention) and the new guy, Eli Sanders (who I know nothing about, except that he’s seriously hot).  Sleepy green eyes partially obstructed by his shaggy blonde hair, super-broad shoulders and a really good face complete with strong jaw, full lips and a dimple. 

A dimple.

I melt a little at the sight of it, even as I tell myself to get a grip.  But it’s hard.  I’m a sucker for a dimple and always have been.  I try not to look at it, at him, as we push our desks together.  Getting to be with Eli might make putting up with the other two group members worth it, except for the fact that I look like hell. 
I know, I know.  You’re used to hearing girls say that all the time.  But I’m not one of those girls who freaks out every time she breaks a nail (though my best friend, Emily, is). Still, today has to be an all-time low.  Not just for me, but for girls everywhere.  I was up way too late last night (insominia, thy name is Pandora—see, I can do Shakespeare) and slept through my alarm this morning.  I didn’t get up until Jules called to find out why I wasn’t already at her house to pick her up.  Needless to say, dressed in the dirty jeans I found on my bedroom floor and the vintage Hendrix tank top I slept in last night, I’m not exactly at my best right now.  Or anywhere close to it.

Eli scoots his desk into the spot next to mine and I am painfully aware of the fact that my personal hygiene is a little lacking today.  I brushed my teeth—on the run—but I’m pretty sure my hair is sticking up in every direction imaginable.  And not because I arranged it that way.

If you have time, drop me a note and let me know what you think of Pandora.  She's very different than Tempest, to say the least!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Chills and Thrills Teen Book Tour

Hi, Everyone!  Forgive me for cross-posting on my blogs these last couple of days, but I'm trying to get all the info out :)  I promise new content very soon, LOL.

 Thanks so much for all your support and well-wishes these last couple of days.  Tempest's release day was a blast for me (yes, I went to BN to stare at my pretty book on the shelves, LOL) then I went to lunch with two of my closest friends to celebrate!!!!!

I'm a little late on getting this up, but in case you haven't heard, I'm part of the Chills and Thrills Teen Book Tour that is going through Texas in the next couple of weeks. Authors signing are:

Tracy Deebs
Tera Lynn Childs
Sophie Jordan
Mari Mancusi
Lara Chapman
Jennifer Archer
Jordan Dane

and we'll be signing at:

Saturday, May 14th
La Cantera Barnes and Noble, San Antonio
12-2 p.m.
(Btw, Rick Riordan is signing right after us, in case any of you are interested!)

Sunday, May 15th
BookPeople, Austin
2-4 p.m.

Friday, May 20th,
Barnes and Noble, Waco, TX
6-8 p.m.

Saturday, May 21st
A Real Bookstore, Plano, Texas
2-4 p.m.

Sunday, May 22nd
Barnes and Noble, Hurst, TX
2-4 p.m.

Saturday, May 28th
Murder by the Book, Houston, TX
4:30-6:30 p.m.

Sunday, May 29th
Katy Budget Books, Houston, TX
2-4 p.m.

Now, not all of us will be at all the stops (though I will be, LOL) so for more info, check out our website at:
http://chillsandthrillsteenbooktour.wordpress.com/  It's got all the info on our books and who we are, along with addresses, etc. for all our stops.  Hope to see you at one of the stores!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tempest Rising Releases Tomorrow!!!!!!

I can't believe that Tempest Rising will finally be on the shelves.  It seems so long ago that I decided I wanted to write a YA about mermaids (October 2009) and yet it's finally time, nineteen months after I originally conceived of the concept.  It gives me shivers :)

So far, the reviews coming in are really good.  Here are a few links, in case you want to check them out:

'Tempest Rising is an unpredictable and magical tale about sea creatures and destiny that entranced me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this book and was really sad when I finally closed the novel." --IB Book Blogging


"Romance and adventure abound in this mermaid tale that’s a fin above the rest. "  --All Things Urban Fantasy

"Tempest Rising was a thrilling, exotic, and romantic read with many twists and turns ... I'm beginning to think that the thrill of the water is more appealing than an eternity of night..." --Allykatzz


"TEMPEST RISING, by Tracy Deebs, is a wonderfully crafted 'coming of age' story about a girl who needs to decide between the life she has always known or another life under the deep blue sea.  I absolutely loved this book."   --Sit Here and Read

“Among the recent spate of mermaid books this easily stands as the darkest ... an exciting  story ... which many young readers will love.” – Kirkus Reviews

And remember, if you're planning to buy Tempest Rising, remember that you have until Wednesday to show me proof of purchase to be entered for a $75 gift card to the online bookstore of your choice  :)

Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Tempest Rising Preview

With the release of Tempest Rising only a few days away (yay!!!!) I thought I'd post another preview of the book.  And don't forget to check out the contest I'm running over at http://www.tracy-deebs.blogspot.com/ in order to win a $75 giftcard to the online bookseller of your choice. 

Up in the sky a full moon the color of a pure, sweet tropical pearl cast a glow over the trees, the only light besides the lone street lamp at the end of the cul-de-sac.  For a moment, I felt like the only person on earth.
     Crossing the street, I ignored the gravel and small rocks that bit into my toes and heels until I could sink my feet into the blessed relief of cold, winter sand.
     I walked along the beach for a long time—right where the tide met the sand--unaware of time passing as the water tickled my toes.  I played tag with the waves, tried to avoid the never-ending cycle of tides as they rolled in.  I lost more times than I won.
     I didn’t have any firm destination in mind as I walked, but when I ended up a mile or so down the beach at my thinking rock, I wasn’t surprised.  I’d been coming here for six years, whenever life got to be too much for me and, geez, did this week ever qualify as too much.
     I climbed the craggy rock swiftly, my hands and feet finding familiar footholds in the rough crevices.  Though I was fast, I was also careful—my legs and hips, even the back of my right hand bore numerous scars from the mistakes I’d made while climbing here in the past.
     The ocean seethed in a crazed cacophony while I settled myself at the top of the rock, a perfect reflection of my mood as I looked out over the water I both loved and despised, praying for just a little bit of the peace I usually got when I was out here alone.   
     But there was no peace tonight.  How could there be?  The ocean throbbed and pulsed while the very air itself crackled with electricity.
     I gazed out over the waves as I searched my very limited knowledge-base trying to figure out how the hell to get out of the mess I was currently in.  Things were happening so quickly that I couldn’t find a way to stop them. 
I didn’t know how to stop them.
     “No!”  I screamed so loudly that my throat hurt.  “No, no, no!”  Again and again until my voice was hoarse and my throat raw.
     The ocean seemed to pulse in and out in time with my screams and I watched, fascinated, as wave after wave pounded the shore—each one bigger and harder than the one before.
     It was great surfing weather.  Dangerous, sure, if you didn’t know what you were doing, but good nonetheless.  For a minute, I longed for my board, the call of the ocean so strong that it was painful.
     You don’t need a board.  The thought slipped in slyly.  You’re a strong swimmer.  Go on out there and see what you’re really made of.
     Overhead, lightning crackled, was followed closely by a burst of thunder that shook my rock and the ground beneath it.
     Go ahead, the little voice at the back of my head whispered again. You know you want to.
     And I did want to, so badly that I could almost taste it.  That was the kicker in all of this—a part of me longed to give myself over to the violent water, a part that was getting harder and harder to deny.
     What would it hurt? the voice urged.  A swim, a chance to—
     I was off the rock before I knew what I was doing, heading towards the ocean with a single-minded purpose I couldn’t imagine denying.
     My gills ached.  My lungs burned, blistered.  My skin stung, itched, like a thousand wasps had gotten to me.
     Yes, go.  The voice was louder now, more insistent.  Triumphant even.  And I gave myself to it.  Let it pull me to where I wanted to be anyway.
     I walked a few steps closer to the water, the sand squishing beneath my toes.
     You belong there.  You need to be in the water, to feel it around you.  Beneath you.
     The water lapped at my ankles, my calves.  I took another step, then another.   Felt it on my knees, my thighs.  The cold sting of it penetrated my near trance-like state and I stopped, confused.
     Just a little more, a few more steps.  The voice was clearer now—ringing in my head, in my ears.  Flowing through me until it was a drumbeat in my blood.  Until it was all I could think about.  All I could feel.
     I took another step.  Then another and another and another.  The water was around my chest now and I was only going deep enough to—
     “No!”  Another voice, fainter and more frantic than the first.  “Tempest, stop!”
     Ignore him, said the first voice.  You’ve wasted enough time.  Come to me.  Come to your home.

Have a great Wednesday!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Giveaway at my Tracy Deebs blog :)

Hi Everyone :)  I'm just back from a quick trip to Salem, MA for the New England RWA conference (yes, I really am everywhere this year).  Anyway, it's nine days until Tempest Rising releases-- can you believe it?  I'm so, so, so excited!  Anyway, in honor of Tempest Rising, I'm giving away a $75 giftcard to the online bookseller of your choice, along with other cool prizes.  Check out my blog: http://www.tracy-deebs.blogspot.com/ to find out how to enter :)

I'll be back tomorrow, I promise, with fun tidbits about my trip to Salem-- what a great place for a writer to visit!

The Winner of the RT Basket is ...

PamK :)  Congrats!!!!  Contact me at tracy@tracywolff.com with your snailmail and I'll get it out to you ASAP.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm Back from TLA ...

I've been at TLA the last couple of days (Texas Library Association's Annual Conference) and it has been so much fun.  I got to see all the publishers hawking books for the next year and got some great recommendations and free books for kidlet #1 who is a voracious reader.  I got to hang with some of my new YA pals from RT, and listen to some of them speak.  Plus I got to meet the marketing/publicity reps from Bloomsbury, my Tempest Rising Publisher, as they were passing out ARCs of my book.

Today was teen day, so hundreds of teenagers, maybe thousands, were there today and it was so much fun to talk to them.  I met a group of girls from one of the high schools in my area (just as they were picking out ARCs of Tempest, LOL) and they were awesome-- so excited to be there and get free books.  It does my writer/teacher heart good to see so many teenagers enthusiastic about reading. 

In other news, I'm blogging over at http://www.sizzlinghotbooks.net/ today about some of my favorite books from the last couple of months.  Stop on by if you get a chance :)  Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Excerpt from Deserving of Luke

Since I didn't post an excerpt yesterday when Deserving of Luke hit the shelves, I thought I'd do it today.  Hope you enjoy!

As he looked over Paige's son, Logan felt his entire body tensing, readying itself for battle even as he told himself that it couldn't be.  That he had to be mistaken.  That Paige wouldn't have his child without telling him. 
            The words circled his brain over and over again, a particularly ineffectual mantra.  Because even as he was talking to himself, even as he was trying to convince himself that he was wrong, that he was making a huge mistake, he knew that he wasn't.  This child-- this handsome, lively eight year old boy with the silver eyes and small birthmark on his right cheek-- was his son and he didn't even know the kid's name.
            The realization was a blow that nearly brought him to his knees.  Shock and sorrow warred within him, followed by the beginnings of a rage so powerful it made him shake. 
            His child had existed in the world for eight years and he hadn't known.
            His child had grown and laughed, hurt and played, for eight years and he hadn't known.
            His child had--
            "Hello, Logan." 
             He turned dazed, furious eyes back to Paige.  "Why didn't you tell me?"  He didn't bother with pleasantries, didn't even try to hold back the question that was burning inside of him.
            She raised one cool, blond eyebrow, smiled serenely as if the same meeting that had just blown his world to hell and back had barely affected her. 
            "I did tell you.  You just chose not to believe me."
            That was it.  No explanation, no plea for forgiveness, no acknowledgement of guilt.  Just eleven words that did nothing to lower his blood pressure.
            "You know that's a bunch of bull--"
            "No milkshake today." She cut him off in mid-sentence, which was probably a good thing considering the word he'd been about to say, turned to her son, their son, and said, "We'll get one next time. We need to get back soon or Aunt Penny's going to send the cavalry after us."
            The boy rolled his eyes.  "There's no cavalry anymore, Mom.  Now the army uses tanks."
            "That's a good point-- and even more of a reason for us to head home.  Can you imagine a tank rolling down Main Street?"
            "That'd be cool!  Do you think it would point its big gun at the diner?"
            "I can only hope."  With that cryptic comment, Paige stood, not even bothering to wait for the check.  Instead, she dropped some money on the table and began herding her child toward the door.
            She'd almost made it to the front of the diner before he regained the power of thought.  Of speech.  "What's his name?" he demanded, loud enough for the whole damn restaurant to hear.  Not that he cared.  Worrying about what others thought seemed worse than stupid when he was watching his child walking away from him without a backwards glance.
            She turned then, and for the first time he realized she was fairly vibrating with the same anger that was whipping through his own system.  "None of your damn business."
            And then she was gone, leaving behind a silence so complete that the slamming of the door echoed like a gunshot. 

I'm at TLA in downtown Austin today, so if there are any librarians out there, look for me in the Walker booth.  I'll be giving away ARCs of Tempest Rising!  Have a great day, everyone!  And don't forget to comment for chances to win the RT basket I've put together :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lots of Stuff!

I've got a bunch of stuff going on today, so thought I'd give you a quick heads up.  Deserving of Luke, my April Superromance, hits shelves today!  Yay!  To celebrate, I'm blogging over at http://www.superauthors.com/ and giving away a copy of Hidden Embers and Deserving of Luke.  There are also some great pictures of me and friends from RT over there, so stop by and check it out!

Also, I just started a new Facebook page for the Dragon's Heat series (lots of requests for this at RT this year so I finally gave in).  I'm running a contest through Friday for you to win autographed copies of both Dark Embers and Hidden Embers, and all you have to do is like the page-- the link is in the Love Musings sidebar.  Please don't leave me hanging :(

Whee!  Hidden Embers is spotlight of the week over at Romantic Times: http://tinyurl.com/2ubq743

Here's a link to an awesome review of Hidden Embers-- I thought you guys might like to see it.  Stop by and check it out-- and don't forget to enter the contest! http://tinyurl.com/6f7tkne
Have a great Tuesday!  And don't forget to comment for an extra chance to win the bag of RT books and goodies!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Giving Away Hidden Embers Today!

I'm blogging a couple of places today-- giving away Dark Embers at http://www.lovlivlifereviews.com/ and Hidden Embers at http://www.lovinmesomeromance.com/  Stop by and comment for the chance to win :)

I'm Back from RT with a Cool Giveaway :)

Hi Everyone :)

I'm back from RT and thrilled to be home.  But I have to tell you, the conference was so much fun :)  It was great to hang out with all my writing pals without the pressure and constant meetings that come with RWA.  Plus, I got to see my mom, who lives in L.A. and my closest friend from high school, who drove up from San Diego to spend Friday with me :)  And I did some really fun school visits to pimp Tempest and IKC.  And I got to meet a bunch of my fans, which was the most fun of the whole conference.  Not bad, huh?

If you want to see what I got up to in L.A., stop back later this week to see some of the great pictures I got (well really, pictures Beth Kery got that she'll be emailing to me as I'm terrible about taking photos).  In the meantime, I picked up a bunch of fun books from authors that we all know and love, so leave me a comment telling me about something cool that you did last week and you'll be entered to win a basket filled with RT goodies.  The contest is open all week, so make sure to comment each day for extra chances to win!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Giving Away a $100 gift card to Amazon

Hidden Embers releases today!  In it's honor, I'm throwing a release day party over at Bitten By Books and giving away a bunch of books and a $100 gift card to Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/3dazh5x
Come comment for a chance to win :)  Happy Tuesday!!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Going to RT Convention

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I'll be heading to RT in a couple of hours, so I probably won't be around much this week.  Still, check out the different blogs I'm on this week to catch up to me-- I'm celebrating the release of Hidden Embers this Tuesday!!!!!  Stop by for a chance to win more books :) 

All About Urban Fantasy-- Monday

Bitten By Books Release Party for Hidden Embers-- Tuesday (I'm giving away a $100 gift certificate and a bunch of books, so stop by!!!!)

Book of Secrets-- Wednesday

Intense Whisper-- Thursday

Tawny Weber's Blog-- Friday

Borders True Romance-- Saturday

Have a fabulous week!!!!!!

Winner of Tempest Rising

Bec is the winner of the Tempest Rising ARC, so drop me a snail mail at tracy@tracywolff.com and I'll get it in the mail to you.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Last Tempest Rising ARC

Okay, everyone, I'm super-excited about this weekend's giveaway.  I have one ARC for Tempest Rising, my May mermaid YA (wow, say that 10 times fast) and am thrilled to be giving a copy of it away this weekend.  I've been pretty stingy with them, so this is your last opportunity to see Tempest before it hits the shelves ;)

Here's the blurb:

Tempest Maguire wants nothing more than to surf the killer waves near her California home; continue her steady relationship with her boyfriend, Mark; and take care of her brothers and surfer dad. But Tempest is half mermaid, and as her seventeenth birthday approaches, she will have to decide whether to remain on land or give herself to the ocean like her mother. The pull of the water becomes as insistent as her attraction to Kai, a gorgeous surfer whose uncanny abilities hint at an otherworldly identity as well. And when Tempest does finally give in to the water's temptation and enters a fantastical underwater world, she finds that a larger destiny awaits her—and that the entire ocean's future hangs in the balance.
And here's a quick excerpt:

“Are you ready?”

The words hung in the air between us—trapped—and it was like he could see inside of me. Like he knew so much more than I did about … everything.

“Ummm—“ Did I mention that I’m not the most articulate person at the best of times and under pressure, my words dry up as completely as the desert during a sandstorm?

“Of course she’s ready.” Mark wrapped an arm around my shoulder, bringing me against his body, and for one irrational second I felt like a bone being pulled in different directions by two slavering, growling dogs. Except both of these guys still had smiles on their faces. “Right, Tempest?”

“Yeah, of course.” I gave him the answer he wanted, but it was just another discernible lie. I wasn’t ready to go into the ocean again, not with Kona watching every move I made. But Mark couldn’t see inside my head and as he pulled me towards the water, pain ricocheted down my arms.

Again, I wondered at the differing sensations. Pain from Mark, the guy I was pretty sure I loved and who I felt secure around. Pleasure from Kona, the guy I didn’t know how to respond to and who I certainly didn’t trust.

Mark propelled me down the beach, until the surf danced around my ankles and licked at me like a hundred tongues of fire. Something was coming, it seemed to tell me as it burned where it normally soothed. Something big, and I couldn’t hide from it anymore.

As if I ever had been able to.

We started paddling out, and within seconds Mark was ahead of me, his whipcord lean body stretched out over his board like an offering to the surf gods. Normally I would be right there with him, pushing into the water-- desperate for the next big wave—but instead I hung back, hesitant to push off with Kona so close.

I expected Kona to take off with Mark, but he stayed beside me, content to move with the ebb and flow of the waves instead of cutting his own way through them.

“What are you doing?” I hissed, when I was sure Mark was out of earshot.

“What do you mean?” He paddled closer until his board was nearly touching mine. It was a deliberate attempt at crowding and one I would normally have called anyone on, but today—with him—I let it go. I had more important things to worry about.

“Come on. You didn’t just show up at this beach accidentally. You came for a reason.”

“And what reason would that be, sweet Tempest?” He lifted one eyebrow in a way I found ridiculously hot.

“That’s what I’m asking you!”

“That doesn’t seem right.” An unexpected swell came up, had both of us clutching our boards to keep from grubbing. “If you’re going to assign dark intentions to me, I think you should be brave enough to admit to them.”

“Can’t you just once answer a question without dodging around it eighteen different ways?”

“Where’s the fun in that?”

“See what I mean?” I glanced away from him, watched as the wave began to set up. Panic, cold and clammy, raced down my spine as images of tumbling beneath the water bombarded me from all sides. “You never just tell the truth.”

He studied me and for once there was no humor in his expression. “That’s an interesting complaing coming from you, Tempest. Besides, the truth is a nebulous thing. If you get too much too quickly, it feels like the top of your head is blowing off.”

“It feels like that already.” I braced myself, prepared to push up.

“It’s only going to get worse.” He flexed his biceps and I realized that his tattoos looked like they were glowing, just as they had the first time I met him.

The observation had my stomach cramping up. “What does that mean?”

“What do you want it to mean?”

“You’re doing it again.”

“Doing what?

“Talking in circles.”

His smile was wicked hot when he answered, his eyes pure silver, sexy and bottomless. “You want direct?” At my nod, he continued. “You’d better pay attention or it’ll be my turn to fish you out from the deep.”


But he was already up, and I scrambled to follow suit before I got rolled. As the wave crested, I managed to stay on my board—barely—but it wasn’t my most successful ride, by any means. I was too busy watching Kona ride the wave like he was born to do it.

Who was he, I wondered for at least the millionth time.

Friend or foe?

Mermaid or human … or something else entirely?

And perhaps most importantly, what did he want from me?

So, to be entered to win Tempest, tell me the name of one book you've read recently that you really, really liked.  I just read a YA called The Sky is Everywhere and it was absolutely brilliant. 

Winner of Forbidden Embers ARC

Kidlet #3 picked #1  out of the hat, so the winner of the Forbidden Embers ARC is Richard!  Email me at tracy@tracywolff.com with your snail mail and I'll get it in the mail for you today.  Thanks, everyone, for your great comments!

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My Crazy April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone,

First of all, make sure to check back tomorrow to see who wins an ARC of Forbidden Embers-- and to check the weekend giveaway.  It's a good one, I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm kicking off a month long tour to celebrate the release of Hidden Embers and will be giving away all kinds of good stuff, so make sure to stop by regularly and see where I'm at and what I'm blogging about.  And Tuesday, April 5th (release day--yay!) bittenbybooks.com is throwing me a release party.  I'll be giving away lots of books and a couple other prizes, so make sure you stop by and say hello :)

So, with no further ado, this is where you can catch me in April: 

Monday, 4/4-Sunday 4/10: Romantic Times Convention in Los Angeles-- come see me if you're in the area.  I'll be signing Hidden Embers and Deserving of Luke and giving away a bunch of fun stuff!

Tuesday, 4/12-Friday 4/15 Texas Library Conference, Austin, Texas, Walker Books Booth-- Simone Elkeles (Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction) will be there with me, so if you get a chance, come see us :)

Friday, 4/22: Popular Culture Association Conference in San Antonio-- On a romance panel with Louisa Edwards, Sherry Thomas and Skylar White

Saturday, 4/23: Speaker at DARA RWA Chapter Meeting, Dallas, Texas

Friday 4/29-4/30: New England RWA Conference, Salem, Massachussetts

Monday, 4/4: All Things Urban Fantasy
Tuesday, 4/5: Bitten By Books Release Party
Wednesday 4/6: Book Of Secrets Interview
Thursday, 4/7: Intense Whisper
Friday, 4/8: Tawny Weber Blog
Saturday 4/9: Borders True Romance blog
Monday 4/11: Lovlivlife Blog and Lovin Me Some Romance
Tuesday, 4/12: Superromance Authors Blog
Wednesday, 4/13: Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks Blog
Thursday, 4/14: Silzzling Hot Books Blog
Friday, 4/15: Wicked Lil Pixie Blog
Monday, 4/18: RRT blog and Reading with Tequila
Tuesday, 4/19: Vampire Book Club blog
Wednesday, 4/20: Paperback Dolls blog
Friday, 4/22: Jaunty Quills, Murder She Writes and Fresh Fiction
Tuesday, 4/26: Pink Heart Society Blog
Wednesday, 4/27: Book Binge and Once Upon a Twilight

Sound crazy enough to you?  It'll be fun and there will be lots of great prizes, so make sure to check back regularly!  Happy Friday :)

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Win an ARC of Forbidden Embers

I found out last week that there are going to be lots more dragon books (I'm signing a contract for three more plus an especial short story) and I couldn't be more thrilled :)  So, with this news in the forefront, I can't think of a better time to do the cover reveal on Forbidden Embers!!!!  I'm so excited by it and can't wait to hear what you think.  This is Logan's story and it was so much fun to write, especially as he falls in love with Cecily, a Wyvernmoon and his sworn enemy.  Here's the blurb:

The Dragonstar clan is under attack, endangered by an insidious enemy. Now a top sentry must go undercover, but the task will be more than he bargained for…

Desperate to save his clan from deadly biological warfare, Dragonstar sentry Logan Kelly must infiltrate the Wyvermoon clan—and put an end to the war. Posing as a rogue dragon without a clan, Logan quickly realizes how close the Wyvermoons are to anarchy since the death of their leader. Their ranks are thin, and their only hope lies in Cecily Fournier, the princess whose grasp on the throne is shaky at best. All he has to do is stick around long enough to see his enemies fail.

The plan is foolproof. Until he falls for Cecily.

What starts as an uneasy alliance turns into an uncontrollable passion. As the spark between them gets hotter, Logan discovers the Wyvermoon’s hidden agenda. But how can he bring down the Wyvermoons without exposing himself as a traitor to the woman he loves?

And here's an excerpt:
Cecily was running full out, but she could hear Logan gaining on her. He’d given her a ten-second head start, which she’d used to her advantage, but she had a feeling in a couple seconds any progress she’d made was going to be moot. Sure enough, she had barely taken another step when she felt his warm breath on the back of her neck.

Not willing to give in so easily, she didn’t bother to waste precious seconds looking back. Instead, she ran another few yards, waiting for him to pass her. He did, and a few seconds after that, she veered off the main path onto a shortcut she often took. By the time he figured out what had happened, she’d be almost to the lake.

When she ran the rest of the way without pursuit, she figured she was right, and by the time she came out of the trees right next to the waterfall, she was feeling pretty smug. At least until she glanced across the lake and saw Logan sunning himself on a large, flat rock.

“Hey!” she exclaimed. “How’d you get here so fast?” She knew he was faster than she was, but her shortcut had shaved at least four minutes off her time. There was no way he was fast enough to have beat that.

He just wiggled his eyebrows and pretended to twirl a fake mustache. “I have my ways.”

“You cheated!”

“That sounds like the pot calling the kettle black,” he said with a laugh. “Where did you go, anyway?”

“This is my mountain. I know all the shortcuts.”

“Maybe not all of them.”

She considered that. “Maybe not.”

He’d circled the small lake as they talked so that he was standing only a few feet away from her by the time she conceded defeat. He was still naked and more aroused than ever. She couldn’t help looking her fill, but then what red-blooded woman would blame her? Even with the scar on his cheek, the man was as close to perfect as she had ever seen.

He interrupted her perusal to ask, “So, do you like what you see?”

“Don’t even go there. You know exactly how good-looking you are. There’s no way I’m going to pander to your swollen ego.”

“There’s only one thing about me that’s swollen right now, and I was kind of hoping you would pander to it.”

“Seriously?” she asked. “That’s the best you’ve got?”

“Hey, cut a guy some slack. All the blood in my brain has drained about three and a half feet south.”

She pretended to think over his dilemma. “I can see where that might be a problem.”

“It is a problem. A big problem.”

“Looks more medium-sized to me, but, then again, my whole life I’ve been told my standards are too exacting.”

“Hey! That’s not very nice.”

“I’m sorry. I thought you wanted honesty.” She hid a grin.

His eyes narrowed as he started toward her. “You’re going to pay for that.”

She retreated quickly, but within seconds he had her cornered between his big body and the lake. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry.” She held up a hand. “I was just joking.”

“That didn’t sound very sincere.”

“It’s hard to sound sincere when you’re threatening to toss me in an ice cold lake! Besides, it’s not like you could possibly be insecure in that area.”

“No, but it’s nice to hear that occasionally.” He stepped closer.

“Hey, what are you doing? I already admitted I was wrong.”

“Yeah, but I thought we’d already established that I don’t play fair.”

“Logan, no!” She backed up right to the edge of the rocks. “The water’s freezing right now.”

“Then I hope you’re a fast swimmer.” He moved to grab her, and she feinted left before moving right. But he was ready for her, and within seconds she found herself cradled in his arms.

He started to swing her. “One, two, three.”

“No!” She grabbed onto his neck, determined to take him with her, but he stopped just shy of dangling her out over the water. She looked at him curiously.

He winked. “You didn’t think I was actually going to throw you in, did you?”

“Of course I did!”

“I wouldn’t do that to a lady.”

“Oh, well, thank you, then. I appreciate that.” She loosened her arms from where she’d been clutching on to him, feeling strangely disappointed that he hadn’t carried through with the threat. Which was stupid, considering how cold the water was around here in October. But after the intensity of the last half an hour, she’d really been enjoying this playful side of him.

But the second her arms released his neck completely, she was soaring through the air, straight at the deepest part of the lake.

She had a second to process the shock of being double-crossed, and then she was shifting. By the time her toes touched the water, she was dragon, and she used her wings to propel her straight back into the air before she got more than her ankles damp.

She landed right next to him, back in human form, a superior smile on her face. Logan gaped at her in shock, and she couldn’t resist rubbing it. “Nice try, Slick.” She reached out and playfully punched his shoulder. “Let me know when you’re ready to play with the big girls.”

“Believe me, I’m ready.” He grabbed her arm and gave it one, sharp tug. She tumbled against his chest, which was exactly what he’d intended. “How did you do that?”

She didn’t pretend to misunderstand. “I’ve always been able to do it. It’s a gift.”

“I’ll say. I like it.”

“That’s what all the guys say.”

He growled, low and deep. “What guys?”

She laughed, spun around in a quick, delighted circle. How had she gone through her whole life without realizing how much fun it was to tease and play? Now that she’d discovered it, she had no desire to ever go back to the joyless existence she’d been living for so long.

“Chill out, Logan. I was joking. God, you’re easy.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. I’m incredibly easy.” He paused. “Speaking of which, are you going to take advantage of my easiness anytime soon?”

“I already tried that. You ran away like a scared little girl.”

“I promise to do better this time.”

“I don’t know. You look pretty wimpy. I’m not sure you could handle me.”

It was his turn to laugh. “Try me.”

She pretended to think about it. “I’ll tell you what. I will have my wicked, wicked, wicked way with you if you put your money where your mouth is.”

His eyes darkened, and when he spoke, he sounded like he’d swallowed about ten pounds of gravel. “What do I have to do?”

“I thought that was obvious. You’ve got to catch me.”

She shifted in an instant, then launched herself straight into the sky.

So, what do you think of Logan and Cecily?  Their cover? They're very different than Pheobe and Dylan or Quinn and Jasmine, but I love them anyway.  Leave a comment to be entered to win an ARC of Forbidden Embers-- it will be a few weeks before I have one of these, but as soon as I get them, I promise the winner will be the first to get their hands on it.


Yay, ladies, thanks so much for all the wonderful comments you left :)  The winner of Deserving of Luke is Blanche, and the winner of Hidden Embers is Cecile Smutty Hussy (You can thank my six year old, ladies, for pulling your numbers this morning :)  Drop me an email at tracy@tracywolff.com with your snail mail addys and I'll get them in the mail tomorrow.

If you didn't win, don't despair-- I'm giving away at least one book a day between now and release day (Tuesday, April 5th) so stop by and check for the book of the day.

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Win A Copy of Hidden Embers!!!

There are exactly seven days until Hidden Embers (Quinn's story and Book Two in the Dragon's Heat series) hits the shelves, and to celebrate its relese (and the fact that I now have my author copies) I'm giving away an autographed copy today.  Just leave a comment below and be entered to win :) 

Oh, and just a heads up, but on Tuesday, April 5th (release day) Bitten By Books is throwing me a release party!!!!  I'll be giving away a bunch of books and a grand prize, so make sure to check it out!!!!

Here's the blurb:

Deep in the New Mexico desert there is a secret race on the brink of extinction—the pure-blood shapeshifters of the Dragonstar clan. And they have one last, desperate hope for survival…

Quinn Maguire is a powerful Dragonstar healer at a tragic loss, unable to cure the insidious disease killing off his people. Yet even in such dire circumstances the conservative Quinn is secretly disapproving of the alternative: Dr. Jasmine Kane, enlisted by the head of the Dragonstar clan to help abort the virus. She is a wild card. She is an outsider. She is human.

Decked out in black leather and a tough attitude, Jasmine clashes with Quinn in more ways than one. And when destiny chooses her for his Mate, he doesn't know whether to rejoice or rebel. Because while Jasmine makes him burn hotter than any woman--dragon or human-- ever has, their differences make a relationship impossible.

But when a rival infiltrates the clan and attacks Jasmine, Quinn becomes desperate. Jasmine is now the first human to be infected with the disease—and Quinn must do everything he can to find a cure, and save the woman he has grown to love.

And here's an excerpt:

Phoebe reached out a hand to touch him—to soothe him—but he shrugged her off. Arguing he could handle. Sympathy would only make him lose control faster. Already he could feel the rage and pain eating away at his control. He struggled to keep it together, just a little bit longer. It’s not you I don’t trust,” he said in a voice that was way too close to a growl. “And you can’t possibly promise that. Besides, if she’s as brilliant as you say she is, how is she available to do this for us?”

“She was injured during her last assignment. Badly enough that she was flown back to the States and has had four operations in the last nine weeks. She’s better now—or so she says, but still on medical leave.”

Quinn absorbed what Phoebe was saying—and what she wasn’t—then glanced over at Michael’s body before he could stop himself. The last of his anger drained away when he looked at his baby brother, and was replaced by the devastation that seemed to be his constant companion these days.

It was hard to believe that his baby brother was gone, that Michael was gone. He would never crack another joke, never break another heart, never charge blindly into danger simply because he liked a good fight. He was dead—just like their parents, just like their other brothers. All killed in the fight against the Wyvernmoons. Though Michael was the only one who’d been victim to the virus— all the others had died in combat, even his mother who had been trying to heal Dylan’s brother when the Wyvernmoons got her—his death was no less of an attack.

The Wyvernmoons had finally succeeded in wiping out his entire family. There was no one left. Quinn was suddenly, completely, and absolutely alone in the world.

Sadness swamped him. He tried to throw it off, tried to get back to the wrath that was the only thing that had kept him going for far too long. Anger was so much easier to deal with than the despair that threatened to swallow him whole.

“Come on, Quinn.” Dylan’s hand fell on his shoulder, almost as if the other man could see the shift in his feelings. “Come back home with me and Phoebe tonight.”

“Why?” He reached out a hand, ran it over Michael’s hair. Part of him expected his brother to wake up, to pop off with some comment that was as irreverent as it was accurate. Twenty-four hours before they’d been having dinner together, swigging down beer while Quinn teased Michael about his sudden interest in Caitlyn, one of Dylan’s female sentries.

Now he was dead—because Quinn hadn’t been smart enough or fast enough to save him.

“Because you look like hell,” Dylan said with his trademark bluntness. Phoebe gasped and tried to elbow him, but he pulled his mate into his arms before she could do any real damage—not that she was really trying to.

“What Dylan means, Quinn, is that we’re worried about you.”

“Don’t be. I’m fine.” He pulled the sheet over Michael’s head and tried not to remember all the games of peek-a-boo they’d played when his brother was a toddler. His brother had been nearly thirty years younger than Quinn and the responsibility for taking care of him had often fallen on Quinn’s shoulders.

Those shoulders slumped now, the weight of everything that had happened in the past year abruptly too much for him to handle. But he couldn’t lose it yet, he told himself. Not here, in front of Dylan and Phoebe, who were already looking at him as if he would blow a gasket at any moment—or rip a helpless bystander to pieces with his talons.

“I appreciate the offer, but I think I’m going to head home. I’m tired and I want to be alone.”

“That’s a crappy idea and you know it. Come back with us. A bunch of the others will be there, and you’ll be safe.”

“No one’s safe, Dylan. Haven’t you figured that out yet? This fucking disease is everywhere, and until we figure out how the hell to get at it, no one is ever going to be safe.”

The hand on his shoulder grew heavier, and his best friend’s face more alarmed, but Quinn just didn’t have it in him to care anymore. He shrugged Dylan off and headed for the door at close to a run. “Thanks for your help, Phoebe. Tell the nurses I’ll make arrangements for Michael’s body tomorrow.”

“I can—“

“I’ll do it. He’s my brother.”

And then he was out of there, his long legs eating up the winding stretch of hallway that led to the front door of the clinic. His clinic. He’d built it from the ground up fifty years before, after spending centuries working to heal the sick and injured members of his clan. Lately, it seemed that the only time he spent there was with someone in the last stages of this damn disease—most of his time was spent at the lab sorting through notes and blood samples and journal articles, searching for a way to end this thing.

Too bad he didn’t have anything to show for all that time away.

Slamming through the clinic doors as if the hounds of hell were after him, Quinn turned himself over to the night.

To the desert.

To the change that had already begun.

The streets of the sleepy little New Mexico town they inhabited were empty, but it wouldn’t have mattered if they weren’t. Nearly everyone in the town was a member of the Dragonstar clan and shifting was as natural as breathing to them.

As the cool night air brushed against his overheated skin, he stripped out of his clothes, then shoved them into the small pouch he was never without just as his talons burst through the ends of his fingers. He tied it clumsily around his neck, nicking himself with his claws as he did so.

He secured the knot moments before his human side lost the last vestiges of control.

His bones cracked, rearranged themselves and his wings ripped through the muscles of his back. His skin cooled rapidly, slicked over, as fire burned along his nerve endings. It kindled a flame deep inside of him and for long moments, the agony—and ecstasy—of the change ruled him.

When it was done—when he was dragon—he launched himself straight into the air. And then he flew.

Cloaked in the invisibility every member of his race was gifted with, Quinn spun and whirled through the air. He climbed high, then shot straight down toward the ground, pulling up only at the last possible second. Did it again and again as he flew through hundreds, thousands of miles of darkness, his speed rivaling a fighter jet’s. His only thoughts of escape and freedom and fire.

The headlong rush away-- from death, from failure, from himself—went on for hours. Through night, into day and back again. He soared over the beautifully barren deserts of New Mexico and West Texas, cruised over the cement jungles of Dallas and Houston before heading towards the verdant lushness of Louisiana’s bayous. From there, he flew high above the wide, muddy banks of the swollen Mississippi, following it for hours before circling back towards the southwestern deserts that echoed with the same loneliness he felt inside himself.

When he finally returned to his senses, Quinn forced himself to land—he needed food and sleep-- and the pain began all over again.

The shift from dragon to man happened much more quickly than the reverse, but it was just as painful. His talons retracted at the same time his wings did and then he was shrinking, his bones cracking, reforming, knitting seamlessly together. His skin was the last to change, going from green and scaly to smooth and tanned, and within a couple minutes Quinn was dressed and walking down an almost deserted street in search of distraction. He found it in the guise of a large, dilapidated bar standing in the middle of a large parking lot at the end of the street. The half-lit sign above the door proclaimed that he was entering The Lone Star, which meant he was somewhere in Texas and almost home after the flight that had taken him more than halfway across the country.

But where in Texas was anyone’s guess. Navigation had been the last thing on his mind when he was flying and now that he’d landed, the truth was he really didn’t give a damn. He liked the anonymity of not knowing where he was or when he would leave, liked that there were no rules, no responsibilities, no regrets. At least not here. Not now.

Slipping silently into the bar, Quinn did something he hadn’t done in at least three hundred years.

He very deliberately went looking for trouble.

So, that's a pretty good look at bad boy, Quinn.  What do you think?