Monday, August 31, 2009

Book Tuesday-- Lauren Dane's Laid Bare

Having spent most of my time in Egypt doing things other than reading (although I did pick up some thirty year old Harlequin Presents written in Arabic-- too cool) I have been on something of a book binge since I got home two weeks ago. Despite the fact that I have a book due in 12 days (Dark Embers-- my first dragon shifter paranormal w/a Tessa Adams) I have been reading everything I can get my hands on. So for me to say that my favorite book from the last two weeks-- and probably last two, three, or four months-- is Lauren Dane's Laid Bare is saying something.

But I have to tell you, if you've never read Dane before, this is the book to start with. It's an erotic romance, heavy on the romance and the erotic journey of its main characters. The book follows Todd, a straight-laced, by-the-book kind of guy as he falls in love with Erin, a rocker chick completely at home with herself and her sexuality. Their love story isn't an easy one, however-- it includes a ten-year separation, a marriage for him, losing a child for her, and a bunch of other things to boot. But it is truly a beautiful story of love and redemption and finding happiness when you least expect it. I highly recommend it!!!!

Movie Monday

So today, I thought I would blog about a movie I caught on TV one night last week when I couldn's sleep. It was about two in the morning and I was flipping channels when a blast form the past hit me right between my sleep deprived eyes. Dirty Dancing was on and I ended up staying up until four to watch the whole movie.

Dirty Dancing came out when I was in junior high and future romance-writer that I was, I fell instantly in love with it. I mean, come on, what's not to like? Good girl falls for bad boy, bad boy breaks her heart, good girl gets bad boy in the end. Yum-my! It follows a very similar pattern to my all-time favorite movie, Grease (yes, I know, I'm a nerd) as well as my books-- Full Exposure and Tie Me Down especially-- and, of course, my life as well. Yep, I fell for a very hot, very sexy, very bad boy when I was 21-- and ended up marrying him a few months after we met. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a bad boy and a happy ending ;)

How about you? What kind of movies do you like? Or, barring that, one kind of men do you like? Bad boys or choir boys or somewhere in between? Don't forget to check back later this week for the rules for my Tie Me Down Contest Extravaganza that starts Thursday and runs through next Monday.

Happy Monday :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tie Me Down Contest

Next Thursday, I'll be announcing a four day contest to promote my newest book, Tie Me Down. The grand prize is a $100 gift certificate to the winner's choice of Barnes and Noble, Borders or Amazon. But there are a number of smaller prizes as well-- one for each day-- that include autographed copies of some great romances, a cool belly dancing skirt I picked up for the occasion in Egypt, a scarf (the book's not called Tie Me Down for nothing) and a yummy bath set from Victoria's Secret.

The contest will entail checking out excerpts from Tie Me Down that I have posted at six different websites (those websites will be listed here on Thursday, September 3) and answering a question from each excerpt. Everyone who participates will be entered into a daily drawing for the smaller prizes and the grand prize drawing for the $100 gift card.

More info to follow soon, so check back often :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm a bad blogger

Yes, I've been a bad blogger, but I plead being out of the country with no internet access. But I'm back now and hope to pick up where I left off. So, I'm giving away two copies of my September 1st release, Tie Me Down. Just head over to and leave a comment to be entered to win.