Saturday, March 6, 2010

Delicious Tease Day #21: Jina Bacarr

I first met the delightful Jina Bacarr at an RWA conference a couple years ago. At the time, I had recently finished reading her first Spice novel,The Blonde Geisha, and enjoyed it immensely. She's a terrific writer whose books are always filled with incredible prose, interesting historical facts and fascinating plot twists, Her newest one, The Blonde Samurai, is no exception-- I gobbled it up in two days. So please help me welcome her to Love Musings and the Delicious Tease contest! She's giving away a copy of her newest book, The Blonde Samurai, so be sure to comment on the question of the day to win! Oh, and one more thing-- you can visit Jina at her fabulous blog:


Spring 1873: I arrived in Japan a virgin bride, heartsick and anxious beyond measure. Yet I embraced this perplexing world with my soul laid bare after uncovering an erotic, intoxicating power I hardly knew that I, Katie O'Roarke, possessed. Japan was a world away from my tedious Western existence, a welcome distraction from my recent marriage to a cold and cruel husband. But when James attacked me in a drunken rage, I could tolerate it no longer…. I had no choice but to escape into the surrounding hills. I awoke in the arms of Akira, a young Samurai, and it was he who took me to Shintaro, the head of the powerful Samurai clan. At first distrustful, Shintaro came to me every day for a fortnight until my need for him made my heart race at the very sound of his feet upon the wooden floor. He taught me the way of the Samurai—loyalty, honor, self-respect—and the erotic possibilities of inner beauty unleashed. It is his touch that shatters my virginal reserve, evoking danger and physical pleasures that linger beyond our fervent encounters. But James means to find me, to make me pay for his humiliation. I can no longer hide amongst the orange blossoms as rebellions rage, and as my own secret continues to grow….

Intro to Excerpt:

As my heroine, Lady Carlton née Katie O’Roarke, writes in her memoir, The Blonde Samurai: “Yet the first man I took to my bed after my wedding night was not my husband—or yours—but one of the most mysterious, elusive and enigmatic men in all Japan. A samurai. “His name was Shintaro.”

Here is an EXCERPT of that encounter:

"We drank sake in small porcelain cups, me filling his cup, then him filling mine, both of us interacting in a rich, sensuous and cerebral ritual that was but a prelude to what happened next.

I pray you will forgive me for the lack of words between us—we barely spoke, our need for each other so evident in our eyes. Intense longing swelled within me, but we didn't kiss, since such playfulness was considered the tool of the courtesan.

I sipped the warm rice wine, relaxing as he stroked me with a rare degree of concentration and sensitivity to my needs, taking time to play with my nipples, a moment so sensuous I thought I could never put a cup to my lips again without his fingers pinching my brown buds. Rolling his thumbs over my hard peaks then pulling on them, making me squirm, and manipulating them with the same care I would later discover he showed toward testing the sharpness of his blade.

I remained still when he massaged my earlobes then my breasts with an oil I recognized as jasmine, its lightness and delicate fragrance luring my senses with a promise yet to come. He rubbed it between my legs and around my throbbing pussy lips, delighting in teasing me, then he poured oil into my cupped palm, indicating I should drip oil on the head of his cock.

I nodded then carefully rubbed it on the sensitive underside, then he pulled me closer, whispering to me. I followed where his eyes told me to go on his broad chest, his thighs, his cock, our bodies heating up as we teased each other, emitting sweat scented with a veiled fragrance.

The air dragged heavy with our body heat, his mood softening, mine becoming feverish. Throats parched, I poured more sake for him and he brought it to his lips, watching me. He drank greedily, the wine drizzling down the sides of his mouth, then he eyed me across the cup, waiting for me to drink the wine he poured for me.

Teasing, wanting, I, too, drank quickly, eager to see what would happen next, when he surprised me by snapping open a large gold fan. Playful, laughing, fanning himself as samurai do in a society where the art of being cool is genderless.

I leaned in closer, offering my breasts for his touch. His eyes widened, then he rubbed my nipples with the fan, stinging them in a pleasant manner. I threw my head back, moaning, enjoying the sensation, wanting more. Giddy from the effects of the sake, I grabbed his fan and danced around him, slapping it across my buttocks, then rippling it over my pussy and teasing him mercilessly until he could bear no more.

Speaking to me in a firm tone, he bade me lie down upon the silky white futon while he placed a pillow covered with shimmering gold silk under my head, its coolness soothing my flaming cheeks.

The real pleasure came when he parted my thighs and leaned over me, taking his time to observe me with a quality about him that transcended warrior and Occidental, but with a poetic sensitivity of the man himself. I jumped when he pulled on the light-colored hair on my pubic mound as if he were tugging on the strings of a lute, grinning at finding them so fine and silky yet wiry. I smiled back, then a daring idea came to me, inspired by a song I'd read about in the native works translated for me.

Without shyness, I plucked three hairs from my pussy and presented them to him as a souvenir. He laughed and I felt privileged to see a rare glimpse of emotion when his eyes softened, then he took my pubic hairs and wrapped them in a piece of red silk before sliding his fingers into me. It sets my teeth on edge as I write, thinking about his fingers probing me and though he found me tight, his touch intimate, he didn't stop, but kept going, exploring without trepidation… "

Question of the Day: Have you ever given a boyfriend a souvenir of your encounter to remember you by? If so, what was it? Remember, comment for a chance to win The Blonde Samurai!


  1. Never gave away a souvenir to remember me by sad to say. However in reading the above excerpt in future may need to rethink doing so with my DH and see if the result turns out as well for myself! This book and author are both new to me and would love to see what happens to Katie and Shintaro!!!

    jackie b central texas

  2. I don't think I've ever given away any souvenir, though if it would turn out like that did, I might just give it a try! ;)

  3. Hi there :D
    Jina Bacarr is a new author to me, but her book sounds fantastic - thanks for sharing!
    to answer your question: no, I've never given a souvenir, but it's a cute idea - maybe the next time? ;)
    greetings, Ina

  4. I've never given a man a souvenir to remember our encounter.

  5. No, I've never done that... I'm not that romantic!

    Tracey D

  6. Thankz, Tracy, for having me today!! I so appreciate it. Re: my Naughty Victorian Lady blog: my heroine discusses everything from dildos to how to take a naughty bath and there are also short stories you can read as well!!

  7. I unfortunately haven't had the encounter that you are speaking of as of yet. I probably would give a souvenir to a man I felt strongly about. sadly I haven't had the chance to do that yet.

  8. When I was young this wasn't done.

  9. Never given any souvenirs.
    Book looks great!

  10. No, I never did the souvenir thing. Loved the hot excerpt. I would love to know how this one ends.

  11. Hi Jina!

    Such a beautiful cover and hot excerpt!! :)

    I've not given a souvenir either.

  12. I gave my boyfriend, He's my DH now!, a small Hippo doll :)
    And we still have that doll till now, in our 5 years of marriage !

  13. I haven't ever given a souvenir. Never even considered it. Seems kinda tacky to do unless you plan on the relationship to last or he requests it at the end of a long term relationship.

  14. Since we're at the end of the day, I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by and commented today on The Blonde Samurai!

    I totally enjoyed reading all your comments. Plz feel free to ask me any questions here in the comments section and I'll be happy to answer them.