Monday, March 8, 2010

Delicious Tease Day #23: Eden Bradley

We've switched the next couple days around in the contest, so today we have the wonderful Eden Bradley for you. A warm, wonderful woman and a terrifically spicy writer, Eden is great fun-- to read and be around. She always puts a smile on my face and I hope she does the same to you :) Don't forget to comment for a chance to win a copy of The Beauty of Surrender.

I love writing e-books! It allows me more freedom to explore new and different ideas than my New York books generally do (although my editor at Spice has given me a lot of free rein and I’m thrilled about it-but the first of those books won’t be out until next year). Meanwhile, writing for Samhain is always a good time. I’ve been given the opportunity to write vampires, futuristic, post-apocalyptic, and a lot of contemporary erotic romance with a little dirt thrown in-fun!
My latest e-book release, SPRING EQUINOX, has a nice little twist. Yes, it’s romance, but there’s also this other guy who drops in to spice things up. I love to write about ménage that really works, that makes the characters question their perception of sex and love, and ends in a way that makes everyone happy. In this story, Isabel and Rafael, each others’ first loves, are reunited after many years apart, so it’s pure romance-and chemistry-from the moment they see each other again. Then there’s Rafael’s best friend, Carlos…and Isabel can’t resist. Two sexy men, a tropical island, a little wine…what more does a girl need? You’ll have to read the book to find out how it all turns out. You can buy it now at Samhain, (on the MBAM site), and it should be available in the next few days through Amazon and Fictionwise.
Here’s a little peek at SPRING EQUINOX:

Excerpt from Spring Equinox:
He laid her on the bed carefully, as though she were something precious. And even though she was still quivering with the power of her orgasm, she wanted to feel him inside her, needed him to fill her with his beautiful, hard cock.
She slid her hands over his body while he held himself over her, loving every hard ridge and plane of his muscular form, the feel of his silky dark skin beneath her searching hands. Then he was kissing her again. Yes, that was what she needed, to feel his mouth on hers, to taste her own musky sea-scent on his lips.
When she reached for his cock he pulled away.
“Not yet, querida. I want to make you come again.”
She laughed, breathless. “I don’t think I can. Not like that, anyway.”
“We shall see.” There was that wicked gleam in his eyes again. “Here, turn over, onto your belly.”
It never occurred to her to argue with him, she simply did it.
“Now, up on your hands and knees. Yes, that’s it, so you are wide open to me.”
She felt wide open, exposed, but gloriously so.
“Now close your eyes, and focus on my voice, my touch.”
She did as he asked, trembling all over already with the anticipation of what he might do to her. But wanting to do as he asked, for him to do whatever he wanted.
She felt the feather-soft touch of his fingertips first, brushing over the lips of her swollen sex. She was soaked again instantly. He continued the gentle stroking for what felt like an eternity, over her lips, over the tip of her clit. Each motion sent a thrill of desire rushing through her. She needed to come again. It was even better somehow that she couldn’t see him, didn’t know exactly what to expect.
His tongue took her by surprise. He pushed it right into her, into her tight, waiting hole. Her pussy clenched. He pulled back when she moaned aloud.
Suddenly, his face was right next to her ear, and he was whispering, “Do you ever use toys, Isabella?”
“Toys?” Her breath was a ragged pant in her ears.
“Sex toys, querida.”
“Would you like to?”
“I want you to do whatever you want to me.” She could barely get the words out.
He was gone for a moment. The bed shifted beneath her as he came to sit on it again. She heard him open a drawer in the night table next to the bed, the sound of foil tearing, then a soft buzzing.
“I’ve made it safe for you. Get ready, Isabella.”
She took in a breath, waited. Her pussy was on fire, needing to be filled. She didn’t know what he was going to do.
Something touched her, something hard and unfamiliar, grazing her pussy lips. Without thinking about it she spread her legs wider.
“Ah yes, I love to see you do that, to open yourself for me.”
He moved the tip of the vibrator over her pussy, teasing her. A shiver of sensation reverberated through her. She could feel it in her limbs, in her nipples. When he moved it up a little higher, touching it to her clit, she moaned, surged toward the buzzing instrument, her hips arcing.
A small chuckle from him. “Try to hold still, Isabella. I’ll make it good for you.”
She tried. But as he teased her clit with the vibrator, pleasure shimmered through her, building moment by moment, and she couldn’t keep still. Despite her squirming he never let the toy lose contact. And he never did more than tease her with it, not letting her come. The pressure built. Her sex was soaking wet, until her juices slid like a slow teardrop down the inside of one thigh.
She felt his fingers at her hole, massaging her pussy lips, teasing at her entrance.
“You are so wet, querida. So wet, and I can see your pussy, soft and pink. You’re driving me insane. I want to put my mouth on you again. I want to push my tongue inside you. To suck on you until you come into my mouth.”
“Ah God.” Just hearing him say these things sent brilliant flickers of pleasure through her system, hot and electric.
“Yes…” His voice was a low, sensual whisper. “I love to watch you, to see you respond. You are too beautiful like this. I need to fuck you, querida. Soon.”
He slid the tip of the vibrator inside her, and she gasped. Just the tip, just enough for the vibration to send tremors of sensation through her pussy, through her entire system. She bit her lip, trying to get a grasp on the intensity of it. She took in a deep breath, moved back against the hard toy, wanting to impale herself on it. The vibration inside of her was even sharper than before.
“I’m going to come, Rafael.”
“Yes, come for me. I want to watch your beautiful pussy while you come.”
He slid the toy in farther, filling her up, then angling it until it hit her g-spot.
“Ah God, Rafael!”
The climax ripped through her like a storm, wild and reckless. Wave after wave of pleasure roared through her, sharp and stinging. Her pussy clenched hard as she called his name, over and over.
She was still shaking when he pulled the toy from her body. She went down immediately onto her stomach, unable to hold herself up any longer.
He bent over her and blazed a trail of kisses down her spine. Her skin was incredibly sensitive, each kiss was like a tiny orgasm, searing through her system.
How was it possible that she still needed more? She craved him, needed to feel his thick cock inside her. Even after two mind-blowing orgasms, she still needed to feel him in her body.
As though reading her mind once more, he gently turned her over onto her back.
“I can’t wait any longer.” He scattered kisses over her breasts, her stomach, murmuring, “Your skin tastes like sugar cane. I could kiss you all night long. But now I need to fuck you, my Isabella.”

* * *
To help Shayla and Tracy celebrate, I’ll be giving away a copy of my latest print release, THE BEAUTY OF SURRENDER! Here’s the blurb:
Shibari...The ancient art of erotic restraint...Its finely-knotted ropes are a turn-on, a sexual experience...and for some, an absolute necessity...
Serving the Master: Desmond and Ava At a San Francisco sex club called Pinnacle, Ava Gregory seeks something she cannot quite describe. But of one thing she is certain: the moments when feels her most beautiful and complete are when she is tightly restrained in the Shibari ropes. At Pinnacle, she's paired with a master: Desmond Hale, who thrives on control... But something surprising happens when Desmond binds Ava's willing body and takes her to the edge of ecstasy. And now, the two are taking their relationship out of the shadows of the club, sharing secrets unleashed and bodies unbound...
Soothing the Beast: Marina and JamesAn art dealer and Shibari master, Marina has never hesitated to dominate anyone. Until she meets James, a dark, gorgeous, towering journalist who's survived horrors around the world. James confesses that submission is the only way to clear his troubled mind, but Marina is instantly overwhelmed by his strength and magnetism. To share the pleasures of bondage, something must change between them. When it does, it will come with an explosion of unexpected pleasure—and a relationship that neither could have ever have imagined...
* * *

For more information about SPRING EQUINOX or any of my other books, you can visit my website, , or my group blog, , where we have interviews and giveaways every week. Thanks to Tracy and Shayla for having me as part of their month of Delicious Teasing.

Don't forget to leave a comment for Eden for a chance to win a copy of The Beauty of Surrender. Happy Monday!



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    You write such seriously hot and sexy books...I can't get enough of them! I'm looking forward to readng both Spring Equinox & The Beauty of Surrender.

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    Wow that was a hot excerpt!! :) Spring Equinox and The Beauty of Surrender sound awesome!

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    jackie b central texas

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  19. Yikes-I didn't know the days had been switched and am just now sitting down at the computer after a long day at the day job (I teach Pilates part-time...helps me prevent 'writer's spread'...*G*). Thanks so much for all your kind words, everyone-what a lovely group!
    I've written a number of BDSM-themed books, both print and e-books. You can see all my books on my
    I have been blessed by the cover gods, I have to say, at all of my publishers. I'm waiting on my next Samhain cover any minute now-I can't wait!
    Tracy-thanks SO much for having me here today!

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