Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Delicious Tease Day #24: Sylvia Day

Today, Sylvia Day is here and with great news-- she has just sold a brand new paranormal series to NAL/ Signet Eclipse! Yay, Sylvia-- that's where my dragon books are too. You'll love being over there! You can all read the announcement of Sylvia's new sale here:http://www.murdershewrites.com/2010/03/08/news-new-sale-new-series/ And don't forget to comment on her post for her new book, Pride and Passion, to be entered to win autographed copies of Ask for It and The Stranger I Married.


Wealth has its dangers...
There are disadvantages to being an heiress, as Eliza Martin knows well.Fortune hunters flock to her, acquaintances lie and pander, and lately,someone is engineering "accidents" to propel her to the altar. But Elizawill not be bullied, and she will get to the bottom of this plot. All sheneeds is a man to infiltrate her assemblage of suitors and find the culprit.Someone not easily noticed; a proficient dancer, quiet, and even-tempered....so do certain men
Thief-taker Jasper Bond is entirely too large, too handsome, and too dangerous. Who would believe that an intellectual like Eliza would beseduced by a man of action? But the combination of her stubbornness and themystery makes the case one Jasper can't resist. Client satisfaction is apoint of pride and it's his pleasure to prove he's just the man she needsafter all..."The undisputed mistress of tender, erotic romance." -Teresa Medeiros


Eliza's tone changed, became more clipped and direct. "There are nine positions in the German waltz. However, we must start with a rule: this precise distance between us should always be maintained."
"You are too far away," Jasper complained, shooting a pointed glance down at the floor between them.
"Stuff. The waltz is the only dance in which pairs are set apart from the assemblage and focused on each another. There is no way to be more intimate."
"Without a bed."Eliza bit back an indulgent smile. Certainly she shouldn't encourage his roguish tendencies, but she adored them. He was unlike any man she knew-wicked in all the best ways.
"Pay attention," she said sternly. "Your feet should be turned outward whenstepping-" she demonstrated "-and the lift of your leg should be pronounced."
Although he continued to make provocative statements, Eliza remained focused. She walked him carefully through the steps. At first, he seemed almost afraid to move. When she pointed it out, he groused, "Damned if I'll trample you." But he soon learned to appreciate her responsiveness. He became more confident and sure-footed. The steps became more natural, his arm movements done with more flourish.
She praised him when his form was perfect, and teased him when it wasn't. As time passed and they continued their exertions, the scent of his skin filled the air between them. The advance and retreat of the steps became foreplay to her. The twisting movements limbered her, while the too-brief moments of proximity began to titillate her senses. His powerful shoulder flexed beneath her hand, reminding her of how delicious he was when naked and passionate and aroused. Her breathing quickened.
Jasper watched her with an enigmatic smile. "I like this."
"The dance?"
"The way you follow my lead. The feel of your body moving in just the way I want, with only the slightest urging."
"You like being in control."Jasper paused mid-cross step. Their faces were turned toward one another,their lips only inches apart.
"And you like me in control."
"Perhaps-" she lowered her gaze to his lips, "-being out of control is my aim."
His hand tightened on her waist. "Are you propositioning me, Miss Martin?"
"What would you do if I did?"
"Anything you want." He sidestepped, so that their bodies were aligned. Face to face. Jasper was such a large, strong man. She felt so delicate when she was with him, yet never overpowered.
"You know what I want," she whispered, blushing.
"A kiss?" He gently pulled a pin from her hair. "An embrace?"
"How much more?"
She bit her lower lip.
Jasper caught her chin. "Shyness has no place between us."
"I do not want to be. overbold."
"Sweetheart." His tone was soft and warm. "Can you be unaware of how I relish your esteem and desire? Have I not told you how deeply they please me and how much satisfaction I derive from them?"
"As if I am the only woman to admire you," Eliza said wryly.
"You are the only woman whose admiration has value to me."
"Why?" she challenged. "There is nothing special about me. Whatever pleasing traits I possess are better represented by other females."
"Not in the combination with which you are blessed." His hand drifted fromher jaw line and closed around her breast. He studied her reaction as his thumb circled a highly sensitive nipple. "I love that you are beautiful and clever and carry a constant desire for me. You could not be more perfect."
Her body responded instantly to his expert touch-her nipples tightened into aching points and the flesh between her legs throbbed with need.
"Tell me what you want," he coaxed, anchoring her with a hand at her hip.With two fingers, he rolled and tugged the erect point of her breast, the pressure too light to offer any relief.
She felt pliable and wanton. Intoxicated. They had been alone for an hour, only inches apart; his body had been in motion the entire time. Watching him move was a seduction in and of itself. She couldn't keep herself from wanting him. Her infatuation was far too great to be moderated.
"I want you naked," she breathed. A soft rumbling came from his chest, sounding suspiciously like a purr.
"Why?"Her hands moved of their own volition, catching the lapels of his jacket."Take this off."
A wicked smile made her toes curl. He shrugged out of the expensive jacket and let it fall to the floor. "Better?"
"Not nearly." She caressed his arms through his shirtsleeves. Looking behind him at the mirror on the opposite wall, she drank in the view of his buttocks and thighs. The sight, smell, and feel of him were all aphrodisiacsto her. He glanced over his shoulder. "You surprise me in all the best ways. Should I hang a mirror above my bed?"
"Jasper." A shiver of mortified delight moved through her. "I would never beable to look."
"I think you will not be able to look away. Shall we prove it?"
Congratulations, Sylvia, on your new sale! I'm not normally a historical reader but I am ready to run out and buy a copy of this one! What a great excerpt.
Question of the Day: Do you know how to waltz or do any other formal dances? Leave a comment to be entered to win copies of Ask for It and The Stranger I Married.


  1. Congrats Sylvia!!!

    I know how to waltz (both versions) but other formal dances are just to much for me :)

  2. Huge Congrats Sylvia !

    errr...i don't know how to dance :) but i really like to read your books !

  3. Congrats on your new sale Sylvia!!! :)
    Pride and Passion sounds wonderful, great excerpt!!

    Let's just say I know how the Waltz is done but as far as me doing it....not so pretty! I wish I could dance though!!

  4. Congrats on your new release Sylvia. ^^

    I know how to slow dance and do some of the "dance crazies", but nothing formal. lol Not there yet. ^^


  5. Lovely news on the new release and Congratulations Sylvia!

    I have no talent for dance of any kind although it is wonderful to watch other people who dance well... Ballroom dancers are absolutely beautiful to see out on the floor!

    jackie b central texas

  6. I have two left feet, you don't want to see me dance. Seriously.

    Congrats on the new book deal!

  7. I would like to say congrats Sylvia on your new sale and I hope for your continued success. As to dancing, hmm.... I do it better in my head than in actual company of people.

  8. I don't know how to do any formal dancing but have always wanted to learn!

  9. Congratulations Sylvia
    No I don't know how to dance at all; my husband is not a dancer so that works out for us.

  10. Congratulations Sylvia! I am not a dancer. I guess you could say I have two left feet. LOL

  11. I've never learned to waltz...but I can do a mean macarena ;)

    rachie2004 @ yahoo (d0t) com

  12. Congrats on new release. I don't know any formal dances--just groove to the beat!

  13. I don't know any formal dances but I've been considering learning the waltz.

  14. I know how to slow dance, curtisy of my dad. But I don't think I could waltz unless I had a good teacher. Thank goodness I don't step on people's feet when I dance!

  15. I can't dance at all. I wanted to take a ballroom dance class in college, but the class was always the first to fill up and I never got a chance. Although, I do like watching Dancing with the Stars!

  16. Congrats to Sylvia on her book deal. I don't know how to dance at all. I would love to take dance lessons someday.

  17. No, but it would be fun to learn.

  18. No, I have no formal or classic dancing skills. My dancing is just shaking my butt. I want to learn though

  19. Congrats on yhour new sale, Sylvia!
    I know how to waltz---not the formal one.

  20. Congrats on your new sale and on how good this book sounds! And no, I don't know any classy dances. I truly look like a dork when I dance.

  21. Congratulations on the home for your new series and thank you for the wonderful excerpt.

    No, I do not know how to do any formal dances except for the old box step that my dad had taught me when I was little. My youngest daughter is a professional dancer and has her degree also in dance. Where she got it from I have no idea. But she keeps trying to show us but to no avail.

  22. Congrats on the new sale Sylvia! How exciting for all of us!

  23. Congrats on the new sale!! I love your books. They are awesome. Don't know how to do any formal dances!!

  24. congrats sylvia! and thanks for the excerpt :)

    i don't know any formal dances but i'm not the dancing type.

  25. I don't know how to dance. But that doesn't stop me from dancing :)