Monday, October 5, 2009

Movie Monday: Good Will Hunting

Yes, I know. I know. Really, I know. I am a terrible blogger-- which is why I resisted the urge to do my own blog for so long. But I promise that I will get better. The last two weeks were filled with deadline hell, and then a trip to West Virginia for Lora Leigh's RAW (so much fun) and then digging out the disaster that was my house after hubby and kids had at it for five days.

But I'm back now and today I want to talk about my seriously favorite movie of all time: Good Will Hunting. It was on TNT yesterday and I caught it from the beginning as I was flipping channels-- needless to say, the laundry didn't get finished and lunch was a little late ;)
This is the movie that won Matt and Ben their Academy Awards and it is the movie that made me fall hopelessly in love with Matt Damon-- not just with the way he portrayed Will Hunting, but because he wrote the screenplay for this incredible movie. There's just something about a brilliant, terribly wounded man who is forced to confront his demons thta just gets me every time (of course, if yu read Tie Me Down, you know that already). Add in his relationship with Minnie Driver's character-- how he loves her but just can't trust that he deserves that love-- and I am a big pile of melted goo. Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie, See it! It rocks on every level.

Now, because I could talk about Matt all day and night, does anyone have another favorite Matt Damon movie???? I'm also pretty partial to Ocean's 11, Dogma, Syriana and The Talented Mr. Ripley-- as Matt's characters in those movies are filled with neuroses. How about you?


  1. Hi Tracy
    I have to say Good Will Hunting.Love the parts where he goes up to the chalk board & solves the day's math problem. Smart is sexy.

  2. Smart is sexy-- just look around my neighborhood. 90% of the women in my neighborhood look like Barbie and they're all married to guys that look like the quintessential computer geeks :) I myself am married to a smart and sexy electrical engineer ;)

  3. Love it!! BTW - I saw a picture of you at Shiloh Walker's site. I'm a huge fan of hers & told her that I knew you from Sizzling Pens & that I loved your books. You're so lucky, your hair looks good long too.Take care.

  4. Thanks, Mary. I'm jetting over to Shiloh's site to check out the pictures :)