Thursday, October 8, 2009

Reality TV

You know, though I am a pop culture freak-- I love People and Us and Rolling Stones, watch movies like they're about to be wiped from the planet and spend far too much money on books every month, I'm really not much of a TV watcher. It could be because most afternoons the Disney channel is on one or all of my television sets or it could be because the idea of memorizing the fall line-up every year is just too much for me (I remember in my single days I used to know what was on and when. Now I'm lucky if I even know what shows made the line-up).

Anyway, I bring this up because my two closest friends are Reality TV JUNKIES. I mean, seriously, they need their fix. From The Real Housewives of Orange County and Atlanta to America's Top Model to the Biggest Loser, they love Reality TV. I on the other hand, simply can't get into it. I just don't know what's so great about watching a bunch of people I don't know do embarrassing and often immoral things just to make a "good" show.

However, I admit to one small Reality TV addiction-- Top Chef. I love Top Chef. I rush home from work Wednesday nights to catch it at 10 p.m. and for that one hour a week, I just sit and veg out in front of the TV. Even though more than half the dishes are ones I would never eat, let alone create, there's just something incredibly fun and relaxing about kicking back and watching these people cook. This season, I'm rooting for the brothers-- because they're obviously the best cooks. But I also really like Samantha and Kevin because they're fun to watch.

So, how about you? Any deep, dark reality TV confessions? Any TV shows (reality or otherwise) that you like to watch. Let me know if you have a good one-- and what day/time its on-- and I'll try to catch it. Now that I'm off deadline, there's a whole new world opening up to me ...


  1. We're currently following The Amazing Race and Dancing With the Stars. I think I'd love Top Chef, but haven't started watching it yet! I'm not sure I'd love some of the other Reality TV shows--a little too much insight into people's lives for me!

  2. The only reality show I watch is American Idol when it is on. I don't watch much other reality tv.

  3. My husband likes The Amazing Race. I got sucked into American Idol for season two, but haven't watched it since-- probably because I teach on the nights it's usually on.