Monday, October 26, 2009

Movie Monday: Favorite Chick Flicks

I thought I'd do something a little different today, for this Movie Monday. I spent the end of last week having a chick-flick fest with a dear friend. We watched some tried and true girl movies and some new ones, so I thought I'd compile a list of some of my favorite.

We started with The Proposal, which I thought was wonderfully funny. I've been a fan of Ryan Reynolds since Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (he was definitely the shining star in that sitcom) and think he's really starting to come into his own. He was absolutely yummy in this movie.

I also love The Lakehouse (I guess I have a preference for Sandra Bullock moview). But this one has just enough of a twist to keep it really interesting-- plus it has Keanu and that, in itself, is more than enough to make me like the movie.

We also watched Music and Lyrics this weekend-- I know, it' s not the best romantic comedy in the world, but I'm a HUGE Drew Barrymore fan and I think she did a great job playing a slightly neurotic hypochondriac who falls for a down-on-his-luck eighties pop star. Plus, Hugh Grant was HILARIOUS as said pop star.

My next chick flick pick is Beaches, because there is just something about that movie that gets to me. Though it came out when I was just a kid myself, I have to watch the movie at least once every few years-- preferably when I want to cry. Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey do a kick-ass job as best friends turned enemies turned best friends.

Then comes Boys on the Side, which, is another old film (1995) but that I love. Whoopi Goldberg and Drew Barrymore are wonderful in this movie and I think it is a fabulous tale of love and friendship and the strength that women draw from those closest to them.

And finally, Dirty Dancing, because, really, what's a chick flick list without this movie? I love this movie, love everything about this movie-- so much so that my oldest groans whenever he sees the box in my hand. "Again, Mom? Didn't we just watch that like last month?" But, seriously, this was my favorite movie the year it came out and it still is.

So, that's a small list of movies I love to rewatch-- preferably with a good girlfriend and a big bowl of popcorn. How about you? What are some of your favorite girl movies?

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  1. Wasn't The Proposal funny? That scene when she's holding up the dog in the air & the one after she got out of the shower: I was laughing so much I was crying. I love While You Were Sleeping (also a Sandra fan), Ever After (crush on Dougray Scott), In Her Shoes, You've Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally & A Walk to remember. These are movies I will watch every time they are on.