Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Book Tuesday: Lucinda, Dangerously

Can I just say, right now, how much I love Sunny.? Love, love, love, love, loooooove her! I got hooked on Mona Lisa Awakening after it first came out and have been a huge fan ever since. I loved when she moved to mass market with her last Mona Lisa book-- good for her-- and was thrilled when she started a brand new series starring the Demon Princess, Lucinda. In the first book, Lucinda, Darkly, Lucinda, quite simply, kicks ass and takes names.

The second book in the series, Lucinda, Dangerously, is no exception. I love this book. I love everything about this book. The characters are incredibly sympathetic, the sci-fi/paranormal world she's built (hell) are awesome and the sex is hot, hot, hot. There's not much about this book that I can criticize. So, this Book Tuesday goes out to Sunny and her fabulous new release (and it is new-- it just came out last Tuesday. I was at my local B and N panting over it and searching through their book carts until I found it).
Anyway, if you're a fan of paranormal romance, erotic romance or paranormal erotic romance, this is the book for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Have any of you read Sunny before? If so, tell me what you think of her. Which book is your favorite? If you haven't, leave a comment and be entered to win a copy of her brand new Lucinda, Dangerously.


  1. I have not read Sunny but have heard great things about her books. I would love to have an opportunity to win one of her books.

  2. I have only read two Sunny books and an anthology and they were "Mona Lisa Awakening", "On the Prowl" and "Mona Lisa Craving".

    My favorite would have to be "Mona Lisa Craving" because I like Dante.

  3. I've read her anthology contribution but not her single-titles yet. She's quite a storyteller, so I'm definitely looking forward to reading more!

  4. I've been hearing such great things about this series that I picked up Lucinda, Darkly over the weekend. I've never read any of Lucinda's books before, but something about this series just peaked my interest. Really like the world she has created and can't wait to start reading this book.

  5. Hey Ms. Tracy, I have not read anything by this author. So thank you for introducing someone new to me (my debit card is running away again)!
    But from your words alone, it looks like I need to go in search of some of her work!!
    I hope you had a great day and a wonderful tomorrow!

  6. I have not read Sunny yet, but I just wrote it down on my notepad with all the other books I want to get next time I am at the book store. I am gonna need some big sexy hunk to help me carry out all the books I'm gonna buy. lol You think they have one for sale? :P

  7. Mary, I hope so! If not, I just bring one along-- living with four men has its advanages.

    Cecile, you'll love her! She's fabulous! ANd so nice in real life.

    Cathy, Hope you enjoy it :)

    Raz Lover's Book Blog-- Dante is yummy! But I still like Griffin.

    Linda, her bpooks are crack. I just wish she wrote more of them :)

  8. Hi Tracy
    I've only read her contemps, Chinatown & China doll & they were HOT. Have not tried these but they sound interesting.