Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My last two days

I didn't mean to run away the last two days, but Sunday night at 10:30, my husband walked into the Master bedroom and sunk into inches of water-- with the cold weather, a pipe had busted in the outside wall and flooded my bedroom, bathroom and the edges of my family room (just enough to warp my wood, of course). Needless to say, I've been a little busy with restoration companies, plumbers, insurance agents, etc. these last couple of days.

Fun, right? Not so much, especially since hubby had to go out of town and left me stuck with a flooded house, no water and three kids. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm not ignoring you on purpose and will be back to post again as soon as I have water!

And if you want to send some positive vibes my way, I would greatly appreciate it.


  1. Here have these positive vibes... Sounds terrible.
    Hubby returned to work this week leaving me with three kids stuck inside because it's 43 deg celsius (109ish F?) so i can imagine your fun, even if mines kind of at the opposite end of the spectrum.

  2. OMG, 109 degrees? Where do you live? I'm assuming Australia,maybe? but still. OMG. Good luck with that. I live in Texas and it gets to 101, 102 in the summer and that's bad. But 109???????????

  3. OMG... Tracy, I am so sorry... Honey how far in Texas do you live, lol!! I am right next door... I wish I could help ya out! Oh gosh... And then to be left alone with all that to contend with and the kids... Oh men are good for leaving when it is the worst time (no offense hubby... we know it was for work,lol). OH gosh... Honey, I am sending you all the positive thoughts your way!!!!

    Becca... Wow!! 109, that is right!!! OMG!!! I am Tracy, I am sooo sorry you are gong through that right now!
    Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my positive thoughts to everyone!

  4. South Australia, we had 41 (106), 43 (109), 43... after a few days of 39 (102)... fun times, fun times.
    I had to sneak the kids outside for early and evening play just to keep sane... and we're on water restrictions.
    Hope the water situation there has improved!

  5. Sending Vibes, prayers, wishes etc.