Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun Friday: Giveaway

I just got my Australian copies of From Friend to Father in the mail yesterday and thought it would be fun to give one away today :) In Australia, they publish two books together, so it comes with a Mills and Boon Superromance attached as well (one that's pretty good, actually. I'm in the middle of reading it).

So, to be entered to win a copy of my very groovy Australian anthology, drop me a comment about what your plans are for the weekend. Anything exciting going on or is everyone suffering the same miserable weather I am?


  1. Since i just had a beautiful niece yesterday, so visiting my lil sister at hospital will be my plan for this weekend. Me and my son always excited every time we visit her and her mom.

    I hope everything will going smooth at your end Tracy ! Happy Weekend !

  2. Oh yayayay on you getting the copies in Australian!! Yay!
    My weekend... well we are suppose to have crappy weather today (which everyone is suppose to get a lovely taste of this weather at some point this weekend or yesterday)... and it supposed to get very cold over the weekend... But do not despair... My weekend only gets better... Hubby is no longer hunting - what does that mean... NOW he will be home, lmbo!! I get so use of having the house to myself (with just daughter who is 16) that it is hard to give up the peace and quiet I have found, lol. But... But.. I am hoping to read and review (and get ready for my party)!
    So, nothing much exciting for me... OH wait... And go grocery shopping! Yay!
    I hope you have better plans that me Tracy!

  3. Grrrr terrible weather here in France too ! We got this icy cold rain ALL DAY. To make things better, my 3 years old son is showing the first symptoms of chicken pox (several other kids in his pre-school have it so I'm pretty sure that's it). So lucky me, I'll have a great week-end !! Again, Grrrrrrr

  4. Woot! How exciting, Tracy! As for weekend plans, not a whole lot. Herding the kids to Chinese school (which they detest, of course) and probably visiting their grandparents. And MUST REMEMBER to pick up my parents from the airport. :D Wouldn't want to forget that! ;) Hope you have a terrific weekend!

  5. I'm not going to be getting out this weekend that's for sure. We have once again been hit with a winter storm and navigating in ice and snow with a walker is not fun. I've been entertaining my grandkids quite a bit this week so I'm actually just going to rest and read, read, read this weekend.

  6. Being in Australia, I'm hiding from the heat. We have Princess fur's first dancing lesson of the year and a housewarming but it looks too hot to take the kids out.
    Tomorrow we'll head to the beach I think.
    Nothing too exciting.

  7. Hi!
    With the wind chill, it is supposed to be -30C today here in my part of Canada (southern Ontario). I think it's a good day to stay inside. Had my chicken noodle soup for lunch and just took brownies out of the oven for supper. Mmmmm!
    I am playing in a competitive badminton tournament all day Saturday with my adult daughter (while my husband and his brothers and our adult son move my MIL's furniture out of her apartment and into all of our homes, as she's had to give up her apartment -- she has Alzheimer's -- to live with the youngest son until a nursing home is next on the horizon, so I imagine there will be lots of text messages back and forth throughout the day), coming home to make leftover roast beef for supper (it's cooking now), and then driving an hour away with my husband and friends to watch a good friend perform in a band until 2 am.
    I would imagine that Sunday I will sleep in, do tons of laundry, and probably wear fleece pajamas all day to keep warm. (It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it....)

  8. Wow! You guys have very busy weekends planned. I've been running all day-- just got back from taking middle kidlet to the school movie in the cafeteria. Tomorrow I'm at a writer's conference and Sunday I get to meet my very cool new YA editor-- I'm very excited as I have four editors and have only met one face to face so far :)

    Stay warm (or cool, Becca) and have a lovely weekend. I'll post the winner Monday morning.

  9. HI Tracy
    I already won From Friend To Father so don't enter me. Just wanted to say how much I love your books. I can't believe you noticed I was missing for a few days. You know us well!! Just had a bad cold & slept a lot. Missed checking the blogs. Have fun meeting your editor.

  10. Oh trust me to come in late! The weekends now all but over and I didn't do anything much exciting. Although my darling hubby did take the three men into work giving me some uninterupted writing time... now THAT was divine!

    PS. What's the other book in the Aussie duo? Just curious since I'm down under myself!

  11. Hi Rachael,

    You're not too late! And the other book is Ann Evans's Best for The Baby. Ooh, uninterrupted writing time is divine. I need some of that myself as I'm behind on my latest book (the third book in the From Friend to Father series)

    Mary, Of course I noticed you're absence missing. I was getting ready to write to make sure you were okay. I missed you :) I hope you're feeling better.