Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Book Tuesday

To be honest, I'm kind of blah today-- maybe it's because things are going so crazy in my own life (my roof is being replaced this week, my bedroom and faimly room are still topsy turvy from the broken water pipe/flood, I have stitches in my hand (don't ask) and my teaching duties started last week after a very long month off and I have two books due in the next two months. Either way, I haven't been able to get into anything I've tried to read this week. Nothing appeals and half the time, I can't even remember the chapter I just read.

So, I thought I'd ask you. What are you reading this week? Anything good?


  1. Awww honey I am sorry that you are having such a hard time... And I won't ask about the stitches... I promise.. Okay... What happen?? LOL!!
    I just finished reading Laid Bare by Lauren Dane and omg ~ freaking awesome....
    And you ready for some good news... guess what came in my mail today... Tie Me Down!!!!!
    I hope tomorrow is better!

  2. yay! Isn't Laid Bare all kinds of fabulous? Coming Undone (the second in the series is good, too). And, Yippee!! I hope you like Tie Me Down :) Let me know what you think-- even if you didn't like it. I can take it ;)