Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick Book Tuesday :)

Hi, everyone! Sorry I've been lax on the blog lately-- my oldest got a concussion last week and life has been spinning out of control between that and my looming deadline.

Today, I'll be quick as I'm about to dash out to my local B and N and pick up three books I have been WAITING for for what seems like forever-- JR Ward's Lover Mine, Nora Roberts's Savor the Moment and Christine Feehan's Wild Fire! I'll let you know what I think of them after I finish reading them (probably by the end of the week).

Anyway, what books are you anxiously awaiting? Or are you all waiting for the same ones I am?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh no on the concussion...hope your oldest is doing ok now!!

    I'm heading to B&N this morning and hoping to find those same books plus...
    Nothing But Trouble by Rachel Gibson, Chasing Perfect by Susan Mallery and Men of Danger by Lora Leigh! :) Oh and the Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance too!

  2. LOL, Blanche. We must have the same tastes-- I picked up Nothing but Trouble and Chasing Perfect as well, along with the new House of Night YA. Happy reading :)

  3. Hi Tracy
    Hope oldest is okay - so scary.
    Just finished Last Chance by Christy Reece - pure genius. Raeding men In Danger - on the second story & loving it so far. Wanting Rachel Gibson's, Francis Ray, Deidre Martin, the Special Ops book, Chasing Perfect etc etc.

  4. I hope your little one is alright. That is so scary.

    I think Diana Palmer has a new book coming out next month and I always read anything she writes. Also the ones you picked especially Christine Feehan's books.

  5. I'm just figuring out how to make a comment. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be commenting on, so I'll just say I'm always waiting for Tracy's newest release.