Sunday, June 20, 2010

Contest Alert!!!

Hi everyone,

I know, I know. It's been so long since you've heard from me and I'm so sorry for that. But I've written two books and revised three since April and I am officially brain dead. On the bright side, 2011 should be a great year for Tracy Wolff/Tessa Adams books :)

Speaking of Tessa Adams, my first Dragon's Heat book, Dark Embers, comes out on July 6th. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!! To celebrate it's launch-- and the launch of Lauren Dane's new Phantom Corps book, Insatiable, the two of us are teaming up to host a two week contest to give away a bunch of books and other stuff.

It starts Monday, June 22 (I know, short notice-- sorry) and will run on both of our blogs. This time, we've got different giveaways on each blog, so make sure to stop by both daily for a chance to win different books! For the Grand Prize, we're both giving away a basket (or in my case a bag) of a bunch of our backlist books and other cool swag, so stick around until July 6th for a chance to win!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Congrats!!!!
    Can't wait for the giveaway :)

  2. Oh WOW! Congratulations on your upcoming new release! Can't wait for the mischief and mayhem to kick-off. *grin*

  3. Your last contest was so much fun, I am looking forward to it, Tracy.

  4. You have been very busy....lucky us! :)
    I really enjoyed the last contest that you and Shayla did and I know this one with Lauren will be awesome too!

  5. Hey Tracy! It is so good to hear from you honey! And yayayay on all the work you have been able to do! You go girl!!!!!!! Congrats to you! And I sooo can not wait for Dark Embers to come out!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Tracy. Its been so long, hope you're having a great summer break with family and staying cool.

    Thanks for the heads up, and I just love that cover goodness on Dark Embers.

  7. Hi Tracy
    I missed you. I was getting worried. Glad you were just busy. Very exciting time for you.