Monday, April 12, 2010

My Crazy Blog Tour

Hi Everyone:

I'm blogging all over the place today-- and giving away copies of Tease Me, so stop by and visit at: and and

for a chance to win!

Thanks for coming by :)


  1. Have fun!! Lea is amazing...I've not heard of the other blogs so I'll have to check them out as well!

  2. Hi Blanche! Lea is great fun, isn't she :) I really like Intense whisper too-- it's a great blog.

  3. Hi Tracy:

    Thanks so much for guesting at my blog today, I really appreciated your time and so enjoyed your post.

    I've been admiring your new website since I first saw it, just beautiful and easy to navigate.

    I ordered my copy of "Tease Me" today and am looking forward to the read. I already have "Tie Me Down" so won't be entering your current contest.

    Can you tell you've gained a new fan? lol


  4. Aww, Lea, thank you! You have a fabulous website and a wonderful group of followers. I'd love to come back some time-- thanks so much for having me :)