Thursday, February 4, 2010

Losing My Mind?

Sometimes I get the feeling that my life is rapidly spinning beyond my control, and there isn't much I can do to get it to come back. Do you ever feel like that-- like no matter what you do, everything works out just a little bit differently than you planned. And that no matter what kind of plans you lay down for your day or week or month, the universe must have very different ones?

Or maybe it's just that I'm getting old. I never really considered 34 old before, but geez, I swear I would forget my head these days if it wasn't attached. I was teaching last night and i'm in the middle of a lecture and there's this word I want to use, but for the life of me, I just can't get it and no other word will do. So I stand there and I wait and wait, and I hint around, and finally one of my students gives it to me. Yes, I exclaim. That's the word. Thank you. I know you want to know the word too, but, believe it or not, I forgot it again. I'm sitting here wracking my brains and there's nothing. Seriously, nothing.

And it's not just words-- I forgot my youngest's speech therapy appointment at 9:30 on Tuesday morning, then rushed like crazy today and showed up half an hour early to today's 11 o'clock appt-- though it has been at 11 o'clock for five frickin months. Or I go to the grocery store (I've never been a list person-- big surprise) and I used to be able to remember everything for everybody. These days I go for five things, come home with twenty and forget at least three of the things I went for.

So is it just me-- am I just insane? Or do the same things happen to you?


  1. Nope - you're not alone. I too have a child that does speech therapy, but she also does a whole lot of other therapies so I'm constantly consult my diary, calling and confirm appointments etc cause I seem to lose track of the date. I never had this problem when I worked, but since staying home, its becoming a cronic problem - and I'm 32, again, not old!

  2. There's a Canadian comedian who says when we get older it's called the "loss of nouns."

    It started happening to me at 34 when I had my son. It's not the age so much as the busyness of your life. You write, you teach & you have 3 boys. Even one of those is quite enough for a busy life. I survive with
    calendars & lists. Can't remember the last time I could shop without a list. It's not you it's your busy life.

  3. Aww, Mary, thank you! You've made me feel so much better. Nice to know I'm not losing it quite yet.

    Janette, it's hard, isn't it? When kidlet #3 was a baby, I had to balance five doctors on five days plus physical therapy (he was nine weeks premature). It's better now, but still a pain.