Thursday, February 25, 2010

Delicious Tease Contest Day #12: Marie Donovan

I first ran across Marie when her very first novel, Her Body of Work, was published by Blaze four years or so ago. This was before I was published, before I had finished my first novel, and I fell in love with this book. The two main characters, Marco and Rey (Yes, I still remember there names) were wonderful, perfect complements to each other and everything about the book appealed to me. I've been a huge fan ever since. Four years later, we're blog partners over at Sizzling Pens, and friends as well. So please help me welcome Marie :) And don't forget to comment for a chance to win her newest novel, Knowing the Score, as well as a bonus novel from her backlist (I'm voting for Her Body of Work, but that's just me ;)


Jewelry designer Ashley Craig snags an exclusive invitation to the oh-so-posh Bella Florida Polo Club in order to "bump into" a world-renowned jewelry seller and wow him with her creations. Instead, she spies polo player Beckett Emery, who has a body designed to wow her...

The problem is that Mr. Polo-Playing Sexypants makes Ashley forget about her business proposal--as well as everything else that doesn't involve Beck being stark naked. What's worse, he might think she was using him to get access to the club. Can she keep up with her fancy charade...without Beckknowing the score?


"What on earth am I doing at a polo match?" Ashley Craig muttered. She'd never been to a match before and wished someone had told her not to wear high heels to an outdoor sport played in lush grass.

Her friend Tisha overheard her. “"Trying to save your career."”

Tisha was staring avidly at the polo players. “But since your prospect is nowhere to be found, we may as well enjoy ourselves."

Ashley plucked at her dress and forced herself to look around. The men strode about like masters of all they surveyed, wearing form-fitting poloshirts and snug white pants untouched by mud or grass, yet. Thick leather pads covered their knees.“

"Chica, if their pants were any tighter, I think I'd mysteriously developed X-ray vision."” Tisha winked at her and Ashley gave her a small smile.

She felt intensely out of place among all the sleek horses and evensleeker women. And her shoes had sunken into the turf.“"Why didn' t you tell me to wear my ballet flats?"

She bent and fussed with the grass sticking to the red patent leather open-toed slingbacks she'd borrowed from Tisha. Tisha elbowed her in the ribs, nearly knocking her over. “

"Stop messing around and look at that guy by the tent—he's checking you out."”

Startled, Ashley looked up from her feet and her gaze zeroed in on the tall blond man staring at her. She straightened slowly and returned his stare. He was a good half foot taller than her own five foot nine and was dressed in a scarlet polo shirt. His pants were white-washed onto his muscular limbs and were tucked into knee-high burnished leather riding boots. His face was lean and sculpted, with firm lips and a cleft in his chin. But his eyes were most compelling, a whiskey-brown that glittered at her. She wondered if they darkened or brightened when he was aroused. And she did want to find out.“

"I think he's coming this way!"” Tisha hissed. “"Oh, my God, this is so exciting!"

"Shut up, Tisha,"” Ashley muttered. The loudspeaker came on announcing the next match. To her crushing disappointment, the man stopped and glanced ruefully at the field. He lifted his gloved hand in a brief salute with his riding crop and disappeared into the crowd with his teammates.

Tisha groaned. “"Too bad, Ash. I thought he was going to eat you up with his eyes."”“

"Oh, well."” Ashley shrugged, with a nonchalance she didn't feel. “"He seemed pretty arrogant anyway."

"That, my friend, is called machismo. He's got something strong and powerful between his thighs, and he knows how to use it."”“

"Leticia!"” Ashley burst into laughter.“

"What? His polo pony, of course."

Ooh, Question of the Day. Hmm, you know, polo always makes me think of Pretty Woman, so today's question is: What is one of your favorite chick flicks/Romantic Comedies of all time. Comment here for a chance to win Knowing the Score and another title from Marie's backlist.


  1. Sounds very interesting!
    My favourite would be Kate&Leopold - right after Pretty Woman

  2. Just watched "The Ugly Truth". Loved it, loved it, loved it. Loved the banter between the two stars (Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl). Felt like I could have written parts of it, as I predicted the next line a few times and even had one line I felt was better than what they wrote, but I digress....

    Totally enjoyed the excerpt(s). Can't wait to read more. Many thanks.

  3. Lately, I've watched "50 First Dates" (for like the umpteenth time because it is ALWAYS on TV). But beside that, it is really a good movie and I just love the whole falling in love over and over again. It makes you realize that you need that constant thrill to keep the spark alive in your relationship. I love the idea that love can truely overcome all obstacles. The female character knew her love even if she can't remember him. It warms my heart.

  4. My very favorite chick flick right now (it changes often!LOL) is Under the Tuscan neat would it be to just pack up and move to Italy!!! :)

  5. Confessions Of A Shopaholic is very cute, sweet & fun. The perfect recipe for a romantic com/chick-flick in my book :)

  6. The Wedding Singer, for sure! I loved the chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, loved the music, loved the comedy and of course, Billy Idol made a cameo ;-)

  7. Some of my favorites are:
    While You Were Sleeping
    Sleepless In Seattle
    One Fine Day

    I have watched these over and over again.

  8. Wow, you're all naming some of my favorite movies. Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun-- wow! And I love 50 First Dates and the Wedding Singer. I really liked The Ugly Truth and Confessions of a Shopaholic as well, but I also really like Music and Lyrics and The Lakehouse.

    I haven't seen Kate and Leopald all the way through, but obviously I should remedy that. Thanks everyone for commenting :)

  9. Movies I love in random order:

    Made Of Honor
    Leap Year
    Kate & Leopold
    Confessions of a Shopaholic
    Notting Hill

  10. Love Kate & Leopold & While You Were Sleeping, too. Add to that the A&E miniseries Pride & Prejudice(1995), Sweet Home Alabama,& Muriel's Wedding.

  11. I loved Sweet Home Alabama, The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates.

  12. I love "You've Got Mail" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

  13. My first would be Sleepless In Seattle, then Ghost, Titanic and Dirty Dancing..
    I get weepy when I watch these but still watch often.

  14. I don't if this is considered a chick flick/romantic comedy but I just love Bridget Jones' Diaries!

    Tracey D

  15. My favorite chick flicks are more teen flicks. I'm hooked on 10 Things I Hate About You and A Knight's Tale. I love Heath Ledge.

  16. I hardly ever watch movies, but did like Sleepless in Seattle.

  17. The two that I like to watch whenever they come on TV are While You Were Sleeping and Moonstruck. Sleepless in Seattle and Pretty Woman are good too.

  18. Pretty Women and You've Got Mail are the two coming to my mind right now.

  19. Still a fan of When Harry Met Sally :) Congrats on your latest, Marie--looks like a good one!

  20. I'm a Bridget Jones' Diaries fan!

  21. I always love watching French Kiss. Love the chemistry b/w Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan.