Sunday, February 14, 2010

Delicious Tease Contest Day #1: Red Garnier

I'm so pleased to introduce a relatively new writer of erotic romance, Red Garnier. I just "met" her recently and she is wonderful-- not to mention the fact that she writes super-steamy, super-sexy books. And the cover of her newest book is fantastic. So join me in welcoming her to Love Musings. And remember to answer the question of the day or leave a comment to be entered to win a copy of The Satin Sash!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. A day to celebrate love—I don’t care corny it is, I love my V-day! To celebrate this one, I pulled out an excerpt from my recent print release, THE SATIN SASH, to share with you for the first time.
THE SATIN SASH has been called ‘a passionate, unconventional love story’ by The Romance Readers Connection, and deemed ‘a cut above the rest’ by Romance Junkies. THE SATIN SASH is a story involving three very different people, one itty bitty satin sash, and a weekend that will change their lives forever. I really hope you enjoy!


Among three lovers, there are ties that bind...Business partners and best friends Grey Richards and Heath Solis are as different as night and day. Grey is calm, confident, and always in control. Heath is as passionate as his smoldering looks. No woman can resist them, and it's always been easy to share. Until now...Grey is head over heels in love. He'll do anything to see Antonia Kearny smile, to hear her breath catch, to make her scream his name. And when he realizes that Toni wants another man-and that it's Heath- he'll make the ultimate sacrifice...On a decadent weekend in Mexico, Toni will experience the hunger, the touch, the taste of two men. But will her desire bring them together, or tear them apart?

Three nights, three lovers, and once choice that may destroy them all.


Through the top of Mrs. Jennings coiffed white hair, while the elderly woman told one of her numerous dog anecdotes, Toni watched the two men. Grey. And that wicked, bold, dark-headed creature. Talking. Very seriously. About something.
Grey’s hard-boned, chiseled blond face was inscrutable, but Toni had noticed he had not glanced at her in a while. Her tummy contracted with nerves. Whatever his partner was speaking to him about, Grey did not seem pleased.
She wiped her hands at her sides, hating the pebbles on her skin, hating that she was almost cowering by the curtains. She did not want to see that black-haired man again. She didn’t even want to think of what had happened, yet the memory was there, flickering in her mind, mocking her.
He’d stood with Grey throughout most of the evening, and the moment Toni had set eyes on him, she’d known it was him. Grey’s overseas business partner. A man Grey respected, admired, and spoke of so often Toni had sensed the man somehow—invisibly—played a part in her and Grey’s burgeoning relationship.
The enigmatic Heath Solis.
They made a riveting picture, side by side. Grey with his sleek blond-streaked hair, Heath his antithesis with a head of tousled black silk. Like day and night, ice and rock, both equally mesmerizing, both oozing masculinity and power. Grey with his imposing presence seemed more intimidating somehow, but Heath was dark and rugged.
Danger had never looked so tempting.
As she’d made her way to them from across the room, people interrupted to draw Grey away—people always sucked up to Grey—and the dark-eyed menace was left alone. He eyed the crowd with the air of one who didn’t want to be there. Then his gaze collided with hers.
Those eyes assessed her in a single sweep and left each inch they covered tingling. Toni hadn’t realized she’d stopped walking until someone bumped into her as she continued to stare.
An older woman in blue silk paused to speak to him. He ducked his head to listen and nodded, his lips forming a lazy smile.
Her heart hammered while other things inside her moved. Should she introduce herself?
She stole a glance at Grey, surrounded by a group of older men and women. He’d promised to introduce her to his partner tonight, but judging by the avid conversation around him, it didn’t seem like it would happen soon.
Her gaze slid back to the tanned, tall stranger as the woman patted his broad, square shoulder and continued on her way.
Heath lifted his head, his eyes returning to her—as dark and tenebrous as what Grey had said of his past—and for a moment everything faded except that aggressive black stare.
Her heart thundered in her ears, drowning all music, all sound. This had happened before. Across an office desk, when Grey had leveled that cool, amber gaze on hers, and Toni had been taken. Was still taken by Grey. Absolutely. Completely. Damn it. Why couldn’t she breathe?
He advanced. So slowly she might have made an escape if she’d had an ounce of inclination to. As it was, faced with six feet three inches of testosterone approaching, she could barely drag in air. Her pussy gave a little spasm and her throat closed as she tried to swallow.
His jaw was all square bone; his eyes glimmered under the somber slashes of his eyebrows. The arrogant slant of his nose was barely softened by the plump sensuality of his lips. And those lips were curling, slowly, almost sarcastically.
The cruel sexiness of that smile blasted her with a shot of pure, unadulterated lust. A lust Toni had felt for no one but Grey. Until this moment, this man. He was awesome. Bad and primal and animal.
There were whispers around her. People noticed him as one would notice a storm, a hit man, danger. Yet she could not take her eyes off him enough to turn around and appease the people gossiping around them.
His scent reached her before his hand did. He smelled of earth and rain and tree bark, and the aroma made her head spin. Without a word, he engulfed her hand in his hot one and dragged her through the throng of people with single-minded purpose.
Almost stumbling on her dress as she tried to keep up, she was shocked that he didn’t release her when she tried to pull free. “What—what are you doing?”
He paused once they were safely in the middle of the dance floor, flanked by dancers.
“You wanted me to ask you to dance.” His hands slid to the small of her back, drawing her to the incredibly hard wall of his body. “So I’m asking.”
Toni had heard his voice over the phone. Sometimes milky and soothing like Bailey’s, others rumbling like thunder. The thunder now skimmed over her skin like the very satin of her evening gown. He could’ve been Grey for the effect he had on her—and no one made her feel like Grey did.
She felt a moment of panic when his thigh slipped between hers. Their bodies touched from knees to chest; his rock-hard, hers malleable. Flames licked her on the inside, her pussy watering between her legs, naked under her dress.
The moment the top of his bulging thigh brushed her clit through the material, she thought she’d burst. “I—I don’t think you understand. I’m—”
“I know who you are.” With a dangerous smile, he slid his hands to the small of her back, the tip of his long fingers resting on the start of her butt. “You’re Grey’s girl.” And in her ear, “His record.”
The obvious bait brought a smile to her lips as she raised her eyes to his. “And am I supposed to know who you are?”
“You should.” He cupped her rear intimately and an odd little sound escaped her, more like a whimper than a gasp. He grunted, as though pleased, and raised one hand to tug at the satin sash around her throat. The sinuous glide of fabric teased the back of her neck as he bent to whisper in her ear, “I’m your worst nightmare.”
And maybe he was…
When a large, possessive hand curled around her elbow and squeezed, jolting her back to the present, she knew it. Even before she heard Grey’s voice. “We need to talk.”

Question of the day: What are your plans for Valentine's Day? I'm planning to hang with my hubby and three boys and enjoy the fact that the weather just might be warming up here :)


  1. Wow. That was a hot excerpt. Definitely makes me want to continue reading your book. Thanks!

    As for your question, we're taking fresh homemade brownies to a good friend's place and sharing a pizza delivery. No fuss, no muss! Just good conversation with those we love.

    It's really just another day for us, though. We try to celebrate our love throughout the year instead, whether it be with a certain look, a pat in a certain area, a wink, or whatever. After 28.5 years of marriage, we don't need commercialism. We need each other.

  2. Hi :)
    wow, the cover is really stunning and the excerpt is so hot!

    I've no special plans for today and honestly I'm not in the mood for Valentine's feelings - my mom had to go to the hospital and I've other things in mind...

    but I wish you a fantastic day *hugs*
    greetings, Ina

  3. Laney, I feel the same way. We used to do the whole big date thing, but sometimes it's nicer to do something simpler-- like eat brownies with the boys :)

    Ina, so sorry to hear about your mother. Take care.

  4. I'm liking the cover and the excerpt. ;)

    Plans? The usual for me: Reading, writing, reading some more, writing some more. Spending time with the family.

    Happy Valentine's to you guys. ;)

  5. I'm going to a hockey game w/ my grandson, single, so just another day.

  6. Great excerpt.This book is on my TBR list.Can't wait to read the rest.

    No plans for Valentines Day here.
    I hope everyone else has a great Valentines Day!!

  7. The Satin Sash...sensual & sexy. Love the excerpt.

    As for V-Day. I'm planning on indulging in a nap and then going out to dinner with friends tonight. V-Day is just a regular old day to me.

    Happy V-Day to all!

  8. What a beautiful cover and wow....great excerpt!!:)

    No big plans for us mostly because I have an awful cold!! We will just stay in, hubby will cook dinner (aka will probably order pizza!) and we will spend the evening with both kids watching the Olympics!! :)

  9. For V-Day my boyfriend is taking me on a picnic :)

  10. Great excerpt.


  11. That was a very hot excerpt!! I made a very nice brunch for the family and today plan to hang out with my BFF at Borders to chat...of course, romance books. Then later DH is planning on a surprise, I don't know what but it involves candles. Whoo Hoo!!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and family, Tracy!!

    armiefox at yahoo dot com

  12. I'm going to cuddle up and read, and maybe go shoe shopping. It's my day off, and I intend to take advantage of the lazy.

  13. I'm hanging out with the parents since it's Chinese New Year today too!

  14. OH wow, what a smoking hot excerpt!!!! Thanks for introducing a new to me author Ms. Tracy!!!!
    As I type this, hubby made breakfast... we ate... now he is napping and my two puppies are napping on either side of me... and I am here in blog land... fixing to go grocery shopping.. Oh what a life, lol!!!
    Happy Valentine's day!

  15. We are just hanging out today too. Watching Nascar with my hubby, then he will play chef and grill some steaks for dinner. He already took care of the chocolate goody for the day, and gave me a pound of See's rocky road. It's oh my God good!

  16. We'll be relaxing and watching the Olympics. Hopefully we'll be sipping champagne.

  17. Thanks for the steamy excerpt! With all the snowing and blowing here I needed this.

    As for V-Day plans. My friends will be here soon to play board games, eat Chinese food, drink wine, and eat copious amounts of cheesecake.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  18. I'll be spending time with my daughter's and grandkids today. That's the best way to celebrate a holiday anyway, with family. The excerpt was HOT and so is the cover.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  19. WE're celebrate it at home , together, three of us. It's so great , since My DH is having one month training, and he's only has one day off :)

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  20. Husband and I are spending VDay with the kids. We had dinner out last night with a couple of good friends. An adult night out is ab ig deal for us!!

    kariteimo at gmail dot com

  21. Great excerpt! I met up with my family for dinner. Then I stayed in for the night and pampered myself and watched the Olympics and read.


  22. This book sounds so good. Gotta get my hands on a copy soon!

    Not big on V-day myself since I have no DH or SO or whatever...but I hope everyone else enjoyed a very Happy Valentine's Day!