Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Movie Monday

Okay, so per my modus operandi I went MIA last week. Sorry about that, but I got semi-good news on the YA I keep talking about. An editor likes it, but wanted to see a couple more chapters ASAP, so I got right on writing them. Between that and working on my WIP (which is due in three weeks) I didn't have time for much else-- so sorry, again, about leaving you hanging! Also, it's heading towards the end of the semester and my college freshman have research papers dues, I'm drowning under tests and regular essays and trying to keep up is not the easiest thing in the world-- at least not with football, karate, mad science, music lessons-- you get the drift. Anyway, super sorry!

Today I'm deviating from Movie Monday to talk about this totally new and exciting thing happening in digital publishing-- Harlequin has launched Carina Press, a completely digital publisher independent of their regular business and the entire romance world is abuzz with the knowledge.

If you're interested-- as a fan of digital publishers or a fan of Harequin-- you can check out this link: or this one or this one or even this one: Just so you know, this is huge news-- some of those links are to CNBC and yahoo news, as well as romance blogs, but everyone is talking about it!

Now, I've always looked at digital publishing as a good thing-- maybe not for me right now-- but a good thing in general. Some of my friends started out there and some conitnue there now that they've made the bestseller lists. But, I'm curious, today, to hear what you think. Do you buy books from digital publishers (like Samhein or Ellora's Cave) or do you prefer the big NY houses? And if you do buy digital books, I'd be happy to take some recommendations!


  1. I buy my books from EC, Samhein, Red Sage, eharlequin... I have an ereader, so I love getting books that way as well. I try to stay where ever the author sends me though. My two cents, lol!

  2. I'm still behind the times. I still like to buy the paperback book. I don't have an e-reader but the couple of e-books that I bought, won, had sent to me for review...I was able to download to 'Adobe' just fine and read them on my computer.

    But it really doesn't matter where I get the ebook...the only thing that matters is that I like it.

  3. I guess I fall between the two of you. I still like paperbacks-- and probably always will. There's nothing like the feel of a good book in your hands. At the same time, my Sony e-reader is a Godsend. It lets me store so many more books than my bookshelf will-- so I try to buy the ones I'm pretty sure I'll keep in paperback/hardcover and get the rest for my e-reader.

  4. Hi Tracy
    Read these 2 amazing Samhain ebooks this week by Jess Dee. Only Tyler & Steve's Story.
    Steve's Story is so different & amazing. When I emailed Jess to tell her she said that her writer friends tried to talk her out of it, That's how different it is.