Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Book Tuesday: Forbidden by Karen Erickson

So today's Book Tuesday is short and sweet. I want to pimp out my dear friend, blog partner and very first critique partner's new book, Forbidden! Here's the blurb:

He always wanted what he couldn’t have…
Rick blew it, and he’s never forgotten it. It’s bad enough his best friend Jesse showed his true colors and stole Blair, the girl Rick Playing With Fire, Book 1
Forbidden desires, secret needs…that’s not what girls are made of. At least, that’s what Michaela’s past boyfriends told her when she revealed her darkest, dirtiest fantasies. She knows she’s better off without the exes, but she’s lonely—and horny. It doesn’t help that her roommate, Austin, is the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on. Too bad he’s bisexual…or so he says.
There’s a reason Austin hasn’t been with a woman in a long time. The only one he wants is Michaela. He’s fought his attraction for months, waiting for a sign, desperate to show her she’s everything he wants in a lover. One illicit kiss leads to an explosive night of sex that leaves her wanting more—yet afraid. But Austin is a patient man, more than willing to tear down her boundaries piece by piece. Exposing her to pleasures she’s never known.
Trust leads her to whisper her most deeply held fantasy. One that rouses a new emotion Austin didn’t expect: jealousy. Possessiveness. He’s the only man he wants in her life. And he’ll do whatever it takes to prove it…

It's available from Samhein publishing now and I have to tell you, you won't regret the purchase. I bought it last week and read it while I was supposed to be writing my newest Superromance-- but hey, it kept me good company while I was stuck in the hospital! Anyway, hope you enjoy it!


  1. Thanks for the pimping! :) I'm glad you liked it.

  2. Okay... sounds like a hot little treat to read... And now this goes on my list as well! Thanks Tracy!!! I can not wait to get it in my little hands!!!!
    You rock honey!!!
    Have a great night!