Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wolff Wednesday

Not much to report this week, I'm afraid. Still biting my fingernails to the quick as I wait to hear on my YA submission. Although, Tie Me Down debuted on the Barnes and Noble bestseller trade list, so I am very excited about that. Thanks to everyone who ran out and got a copy :)

So, since I don't have much to report, how about you? Any of you have good news to report? Let me have it!!!

Oh, and I'm blogging over at and giving away a copy of Naughty Bits. Come check it out.


  1. Hi Tracy
    I just got an email from Chapters saying my order has shipped. That means in 2 days I will be the proud owner of Tie Me Down. I'm so excited. See you at Beth's.

  2. Hi Mary,

    You are the best! Thanks so much-- I appreciate it. Really.

  3. Hi Tracy
    I was pretty excited to be the first to comment at Beth's blog today. I kept checking to see when your post was up & there it was.
    Good Luck. i hope it's the start of many book sales.