Monday, September 14, 2009

Movie Monday: Duplicity

So, I've never been a big Clive Own fan. I know I should be-- I mean, he's got everything I usually like in a guy. Tall, dark, handsome, accented-- what's not to love? Honestly, his appearance in closer did me in a few years ago and I just have not been able to get past that for the last however many years and movies he's done. At least, I couldn't get past it until I saw Duplicity.

I know the reviews on this movie weren't stellar, but I have to tell you that from a romance writer's perspective, I thought the movie was HOT. There's just something about witty, almost nasty dialogue between two people who are incredibly attracted to each other-- and not above messing with each other's minds-- that makes me happy. I know, I know. It's very twisted of me, but then, that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who reads my books.

So, if you haven't seen Duplicity yet, I recommend it. It was great fun and even my oldest son and husband enjoyed watching it, so it's not just a chick flick!

Have you seen Duplicity yet? Did you like it? If not, what good romantic comedies have you seen lately (if any)? I'm always on the lookout for a good love story.

Oh, and I'm blogging over at Naughty and Spice today, and giving away a copy of Tie Me Down. Stop by and comment on what makes a good erotic romance for a chance to win:


  1. I know it's a little bit older and you have probably seen it but I love How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days. Fool's Gold is not bad either.

    Linda Henderson

  2. I liked How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. I haven't seen Fool's Gold, but will definitely check it out. Thanks for the rec!