Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Fun New Drink!!!

"Fast paced and wrought with sexual tension, the journey Ryder and Jamison take to fall in love and find their happily-ever-after is full eye-opening twists and turns that leave your gasping and holding the edge of your seat. "-- Nice Ladies, Naughty Books

In honor of the release of Crash Into Me, and because a huge amount of tequila was imbibed by both the characters (and the writer) in the course of this book, I thought I'd share a fun new tequila drink I found a couple of weeks ago.  It's a takeoff on the classic Cosmo, but with a little more bite-- and a little more fun :)  Hope you like it!


4 oz Patron, or any good tequila
6 oz. cranberry juice
2 oz. fresh lime juice
3-4 oz. Grand Marnier
Lime slices and sugar for garnish

Run a lime around the rims of four martini glasses, then dip the glasses in sugar/
Pour all other ingredients into cocktail shaker with ice cups and shake well.
Strain into glass.
Top with another splash of Grand Marnier and serve.

Makes 3 drinks.

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