Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Release Day!!!

Sorry, I'm late today, but I've got two sick kiddoes at home, not to mention a major headache. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know it's release day for my Harlequin Superromance, The Christmas Present. Though some of you have said you found it in stores before today, it officially hit the shelves this morning :) Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite :

Rafael ran down Ellis as fast as he could, trying to get close enough to read the license plate on the car weaving through the late-night streets. Even after it careened around the corner of Main, he kept running, hoping that something, anything, would happen to slow them down. He just needed a minute to catch up, just needed—
He turned the corner and then stopped abruptly, completely disgusted. The street was deserted, the car—and the kids who had thrown the brick—gone as if it had never been.
Swearing viciously, he jogged back to the center. It was just registering that he’d left Vivian alone back there, with a hole the size of a small person in the front window. Though logic told him she was fine, he ran faster, determined to make sure that she was all right.
He focused on that as he ran the half-mile back to the center—and on trying to figure out who would send a brick soaring through his window. Anything to keep his mind off the spectacular kiss he and Vivian had shared. He hadn’t planned on kissing her, had told himself to stay as far from her as he could get. But she’d smelled so good and had sounded so sweet when she’d asked him if he was all right, that he hadn’t been able to resist.
And once his lips had touched hers, his objections hadn’t seemed to matter and he’d nearly eaten her alive. Talk about smooth—not. Add the brick through the window to the less than suave way he’d jumped her bones, and he half-figured it’s be a miracle if she hadn’t run screaming back to her car.
Back to her midnight blue BMW. He hadn’t noticed it when they’d run out to the hospital, but he’d sure as hell noticed it when they’d come back. Thousand dollar suits, hundred thousand dollar cars—she was so far out of his league it was amazing they were on the same playing field—even if it was only for this one, short game.
He’d had no business kissing her, no business touching her when she was Diego’s lawyer. Their lives were too different, and the damn brick thrown through the center’s window just underscored that point. He was pretty sure nothing like this would have happened to her in that upscale apartment building she lived in.
When he got back to Helping Hands, Vivian was still there, standing over the brick and broken glass, with the phone in her hand. “The police are on their way,” she said softly to him, before going back to her conversation with what he assumed was the 911 operator.
He started to tell her to never mind, that such things had happened before—when he’d first opened the teen center—and the cops had never done anything about it at the time. But then he saw the writing on the large blick and the resignation that had been running through his veins exploded into anger.
Tell the bitch to back off. Or else we will. The words were scrawled in bright red paint across the widest surface of the brick.
“What the hell?” He stooped to pick up the filthy, offensive thing, but Vivian stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t do that. You’ll compromise any evidence there might be.”
Evidence? Someone had just threatened her and she was worried about evidence? He knew it was the lawyer talking, but still. All he could think of was burning the whole damn world until he found whoever had threatened his woman.
And in honor of the title, The Christmas Present, what do you want under the tree this year?


  1. I would love to find a box that would guarantee that next year is going to be a better year for myself ansd my family.

  2. Oh, ladies, I am so with you. I'd like both of those presents under the tree!

  3. Oh yayayayayay on release day!!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!! Happy dance Happy dance Happy dance!!!
    And loving the excerpt!!! Whew!

    What would I love to find under my tree... Really.... A full day at a massage.. (would be nice if I was being carted by the men we read about, lol) the whole full day...
    But I would truly love to find under my tree... A day with no cooking, no dishes, no clothing to wash/dry/fold/pick up, no one wanting anything from me, no one needing any on from me, a pile of books on the side of the couch, a big cup of cocoa and silence... I would so love that!

  4. Oh and Tracy, I am so sorry to hear that you have not one but two sick kiddies at home and on top of that you have a headache... I am sorry... ****sending you magic sprinkles of prayers for speedy recovery for everyone****

  5. Thanks, Cecile! You're the best :) And your present sounds like a dream come true to me. Imagine, a whole day just for me!!!! Maybe someday when the four men are out of my house ...

  6. Happy Release DAY ! yippieee..

    what i want most ? bunch of books and unlimited gift card to buy books online :)

  7. Just checking in today to see how kiddies are doing?? Mine is home sick too today... She has fever last night... No matter how old, they are still our babies. Wish I did not have to work... to be home with her!!! Hope everyone is on the mend (including you ~ headache)!

    Oh, how did I miss that cover right there of Full Exposure... Oh girl, you know that is going up at my place as soon as I get home this evening... That will go great with my men, I mean with the rest of the books!!!!

    Oh, if you want a great laugh and some eye candy, head over to my place... It sure will put a smile on your face!
    Have a great day honey!

  8. Hope your oldest feels better, Cecile! My two are a little better, but my headache is still here. Plus, I'm waiting on some news from NY and my nerves are completely frazzled. But hopefully I'll have something good to report today or tomorrow :)

  9. Oh, and isn't my Full Exposure cover glorious??? It's my favorite to date, especially how she's peeking out of the spine. It's totally cool.

  10. Tracy... News... Any... I am praying everything went okay or in your favor... Not to sure how to pray on this one... but just checking to see!!!!
    Hope all is well with kiddies and your headache should be gone....