Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Summer Vacation!

I love summer-- ice cream cones and barbecues, swimming pools and trips to the park. Hanging out with friends and family without the pressure of papers to grade and lessons to plan. But of all the things to love about summer, the thing I lvoe most is going on vacation. We don't get to do it very often-- with three kids, there never seems to be enough money to go everywhere/do everything we want to-- but we do try to go somewhere every couple of years. Our last vacation, two years ago, was to Southern California where we hung out at my mom's and took the kids to a variety of theme parks.
This year, however, we decided to go big. Really big. We're going to Egypt and I can't WAIT! I leave for RWA nationals (along with Juliet and Karen) in two weeks, but as soon as I'm back from D.C. we leave for three weeks in Alexandria, Egypt. Alexandria is right on the Meditteranean Sea and it is just beautiful-- we'll spend five days at a beach house in Alexandria-- taking day trips to the Great Library at Alexandria and other museums-- including the Roman Ampitheater and the Royal Jewelry Museum, which I am way too excited about, then we'll go to Mount Sinai and the Red Sea (yes, the one Moses parted!!!!! The history major in me is all aquiver ;) And finally, we'll end our vacation in Cairo, at the Sphinx and three Great Pyramids of Giza. I will, of course, also get to explore the world famous Cairo marketplace and nightlife in one of the world's largest cities.
So, what are your plans for the summer? Post a comment and be entered to win my very first giveaway!


  1. Holy schmoly, Tracy! You are going to be a traveling FOOL! That's so awesome! So, uh, have you started packing yet? And is your family coming with to RWA? And are they old enough to pack themselves yet? These are the burning questions ;) Anyway, forget it all and just bring the camera and extra memory cards and batteries! Cannot wait to see the photos and hear your stories when you get back! You're on your way to an amazing summer!

  2. Wow..Egypt..that sounds like a cool vacation! I have to travel to Tennessee to go through my grandfather's house who sadly passed away. Not the best vacations, but I do plan to find time to go to the beach by my house.