Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Book Tuesday!

So for my first book Tuesday, I thought I'd blog about a new author I just discovered-- Julie James. I was at Barnes and Noble last week, looking for someone new (part of my New Year's Resolution this year was to read new authors-- it's a karma thing. I figure if I give a bunch of new authors a chance, hopefully someone will give my books a chance as well) and her book, Just the Sexiest Man Alive, caught my attention. And am I glad it did.

Usually, I'm a little skeptical about books that feature actors as the leading man, but I have to say, Julie delivered! Wow, did she ever. This is a great romantic comedy between Hollywood's hottest actor and a civil attorney who is less than impressed with him-- or the paparazzi that follow him around.
It made me laugh out loud in numerous places (James, a lawyer herself, does a fabulous job writing romantic comedy) yet it had just enough angst and sarcasm to keep me on the edge of my seat!

I can't wait to read her second book, Practice Makes Perfect!


  1. Hi Tracy
    You will love PMP as well. I was warned not to read her books while drinking milk. I told Julie that I loved her books but was not allowed to read them in public anymore.

  2. Hi Tracy!

    So glad you enjoyed JTSMA! I agree, I love discovering new authors. I can't wait to check out your books--Full Exposure looks great!

    By any chance will you be RWA next week?


  3. Hi, Tracy, I haven't read Julia's books yet--have heard good things, and I might even have her debut on my TBR... Might have to go dig that out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I haven't read this yet, but boy, have I heard great things about it! I really need to pick this one up soon.