Thursday, January 9, 2014

Control: Part Four

Okay, everyone, here's the final installation of Control, an outtake from Ruined.  Hope you enjoy :)


“Ethan, please-“
The need in her voice turns me inside out even as it breaks the last chain of my restraint.  I slide my hand up her thigh, under the prim skirt that’s been driving me insane all day.  My finger skates along the edge of her panties and I’m desperate to delve inside. To stroke her clit, her sex, to slip inside her and feel all that heat clench around me.  Except she freezes, her whole body going rigid against me as she pulls her mouth from mine.
“Ethan.”  She’s shaking harder now, but this time I’m afraid it’s from more than desire.  More than the need that continues to crawl through me.  She’s frightened and that wounds me in a way I don’t even know how to explain. 
                “It’s okay.” I stop.  Stop my hand from slipping into her panties, stop my body from moving against her own.  I even put a chokehold on the need that’s ripping me apart.  Because she’s what’s important here.  Doing this right, for her, is what matters. 
“I’ve got you, Chloe.”  I whisper the words in her ear, trying to soothe her—and myself.  “I’ve got you. Let me make you feel good. Nothing else. Just that.”
She doesn’t answer right away and I don’t make another move.  Not until I know that she’s okay and that she wants this as much as I do.  Despite her strength and her sassiness, there’s a delicacy to her, a fragility, that brings out every protective instinct I’ve got.  Yes, I want to fuck her, but I want to take care of her, too.  To cherish her.  It’s not a feeling I’ve ever had for a woman before, but that only makes it more powerful.  More overwhelming.
I know she’s thinking, can practically hear the wheels turning in her head.  I wait, patiently, for whatever she decides.  I want her so badly that my hands are shaking, but this is her choice and I won’t coerce her into doing what I want.  What I need.
Suddenly, she burrows closer and I feel her open to me.  Relief swamps me as she buries her head against my chest and I bring a hand up to cup the back of her head, to hold her in place even as start- once again—to stroke my fingers along her sex.
She clutches at my shirt, her whole body turning liquid against me even as she rests her head against the wall. She’s so beautiful like this, so fucking beautiful with her lips swollen and her cheeks flushed, with her eyes hazy and unfocused.  I want to stay like this forever, right here, with her wrapped around me and her need for me a wet heat on my fingers.
I kiss her cheek, her ear, her neck, as I stroke my way inside her panties and into the very heart of her.  She gasps, whimpers, starts to tremble in earnest.  I murmur soothingly to her, nonsense words that are meant to do nothing but calm her mind even as I stoke the fire inside of her.  She’s wet, so wet, and I’m dying to feel her come.  To feel her body clench rhythmically around my fingers, my tongue, my cock.
But that’s later.  This, right here, is about her.  About Chloe.  I slide my fingers along her slit, press one gently inside of her just to see how she’ll react.  She gasps again and I wait to see if she’ll accept me or if this is too much for her.
“Ethan,” she moans, hitching her leg up higher on my hip.  Opening herself to me more fully.
It’s the sign I’ve been waiting for and I press a second finger inside of her, reveling in her wet heat as she clenches around me. S he’s tight, small, and I’m careful with her as I curve my fingers and stroke them gently against her g-spot.
She cries out, clutches at me, so I do it again. And again. And again.  At the same time, I press my thumb against her clit and circle it gently, searching for the spot that brings her the most pleasure.
“Ethan.”  She says my name again even as her body clutches at me.  It nearly sends me straight over the edge.
 “God, Chloe, you feel so good.”  I want to feel her come, need it with an intensity that burns me straight to the bone.
“You too,” she gasps, her hips moving of their own volition now.  She’s riding my hand, arching into me, and I follow her lead.  Learn her body.  Find which spots and which kind of touch brings her the most pleasure.  She’s close, I know she’s close, but she won’t go over.  Won’t let me give her the pleasure I’m so desperate to.  There’s something inside of her, a resistance, a fear, that’s holding her back. 
I won’t have it.  Not now when she’s so close to climaxing, not now when she’s so close to me. I want so much more than her body. 
I want her desire, her trust, her need. 
I want her open to me.
I want her to need me the same way that I need her.  With everything inside of me.
I know I may be rushing her, but I’m determined to bring her off, to pleasure her, so I drop to my knees in front of her.  Shove her skirt up to her waist and push her panties aside.  Before she can do more than clutch at my shoulders, I put my mouth right on the heart of her. 
I plunge my tongue inside her sex, stroking deep inside her as the scent and taste of her arousal nearly drive me mad.  She tastes so good, feels so good.  I want more.  Need more. 
                I grab her leg, the same one she had wrapped around my waist just a little while ago, and drape it over my shoulder.  She’s wide open to me now, totally vulnerable.  And in these crazy, burning moments, she’s totally mine.  Exactly as I want her to be. 
I crave her. Crave her body, her sex, her mind.  Crave everything that she’ll give me.  Crave everything that she is.  I need her to crave me the same way.
I lick across her clit, then back to her lips, fluttering my tongue against her one minute and then pressing firmly the next.  She whimpers, moans, begs, words falling out of her mouth that make no sense except that they tell me she wants me.  Needs me.
I quiet her with a low growl, determined that Chloe will trust me in this.  That she’ll let me take her over the edge of pleasure into oblivion.  She bites her lip, tangles her fingers in my hair and pulls me even closer.  It’s what I’ve been waiting for—her surrender and her trust—and I take instant advantage.  I pull her clit into my mouth, suck at her for one second, two, even as I thrust my fingers deep inside of her.
That’s all it takes.  With a shudder and a shout, she tumbles over the edge into an orgasm that goes on and on and on.  As she comes—as her body clenches rhythmically against my fingers and my mouth—an overwhelming tenderness wells up inside of me.  For this woman, this girl, who has somehow managed to wrap herself around my head and my heart in such a short time.  This woman whose hold on me is growing with every touch, every kiss, every moment that passes. 

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  1. OMG........That has to be one of the hottest scenes I've read lately. And to be inside Ethan's head & know what he's thinking/feeling added to it. Thank you.....I'm looking forward to reading this soon.