Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Back from RT with a Cool Giveaway :)

Hi Everyone :)

I'm back from RT and thrilled to be home.  But I have to tell you, the conference was so much fun :)  It was great to hang out with all my writing pals without the pressure and constant meetings that come with RWA.  Plus, I got to see my mom, who lives in L.A. and my closest friend from high school, who drove up from San Diego to spend Friday with me :)  And I did some really fun school visits to pimp Tempest and IKC.  And I got to meet a bunch of my fans, which was the most fun of the whole conference.  Not bad, huh?

If you want to see what I got up to in L.A., stop back later this week to see some of the great pictures I got (well really, pictures Beth Kery got that she'll be emailing to me as I'm terrible about taking photos).  In the meantime, I picked up a bunch of fun books from authors that we all know and love, so leave me a comment telling me about something cool that you did last week and you'll be entered to win a basket filled with RT goodies.  The contest is open all week, so make sure to comment each day for extra chances to win!!!!


  1. I planted strawberries with my daughter :)

    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

  2. I started the gardens with my family too! This is our first home and our first "real" garden so it was really nice!

    Thanks for sharing the RT Goodness!

  3. I sat on the front porch in shorts and read for a few hrs Sunday afternoon. Spring is in the air. Love it!

  4. Cooked out on the grill this weekend since the weather was so nice!

  5. I baked some muffins and a banana cake last week for my family.

  6. Well, my life doesn't have much excitement in it, lol... Last week we had to drive 2 hours to take my son to see a specialist. Afterward, we went out to lunch and took the kids to Toys R Us for being so good during the drive. Since my husband drove, I was able to get some reading in and to me - there is nothing more exciting than reading!

  7. Oh, and thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  8. Welcome back, I hope you had a great time here. I know the weather wasn't the greatest, a little cooler then we are use to!

    We had a family wedding in Vegas.....actually it was an official wedding since they had already gotten married. It was the son of one of hubby's cousins. I guess I'm now at the age where I'm old enough to have kids that are old enough to get married! LOL

  9. Welcome back Tracy, so glad you had a wonderful time. Last week was our firstfull week of sunshine, and I just couldn't pass up the chance to fill up my flower boxes in the backyard. Loaded them up with pansey's, petunians and cyclamen, and love that splash of color.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  10. I made homemade soft pretzels! They cost an arm and a leg at work and I knew I could make them cheaper AND better at home!

    I took them to work and they loved least that's what my coworkers said! LOL

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  11. I went to the RT Book fair, and to the Book Camp Unconference, and I got to meet you and local librarian Shayera, and both of you and me and Katie hanging out in your room talking books and authors (good and bad!).

  12. Last weekend I read 3 recipe books and wrote down the page numbers for everything that we had every ingredient for and played restaurant all week - new breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks and all but 2 were fantastic! So the 3 books survived being spring cleaned out of the house

  13. Does packing and cleaning constitute fun...No I didn't think so :) So I had no fun last week because that's all I did :( oh wait..I did go see my niece and her son last Sunday..He is just too cute :)

  14. I hate to admit I didnt do much besides rest, spent the week getting over whatever bug is going around. Looks like everyone had a great time at RT though.

    Thanks for the chance!
    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  15. Yay! So cool to see what everyone's been up to. Donna, sorry about the bug :( and elaing8, sorry about the cleaning. I so need to do that myself.

    TaveTease, wow! How fun-- I love to cook new recipees :)

    Lynda, it was great to meet you! I really enjoyed talking books with you, Katie and Shayera.

    Tracey D-- I love soft pretzels. You should send me the recipe!!!!!!

    Cathy, love sunshine! I'm trying to talk hub by into planting flowers in my front yard.

    Blanche :( I so missed seeing you!

    Paranormal Opinion, any time reading is quality time to me, too. Hope your son is doing well.

    Paranormal and RS Review-- I love banana cake. My friend used to make the best, and mine just never turns out quite as good.

    tetewa, we have a new grill my honey is dying to find the time to fully set up. I can't wait!

    runner10: I'm so jealous. I want a front porch swing!

    Yzhabella's bookshelf-- I'm planting an herb garden in the back. So much fun!

    And Robin-- yay, Robin! Strawberries are awesome, and how fun that you did it with your daughter. My middle son is the gardener in my family :)

  16. Did our first long motorcycle ride of the season.

    I'm a follower on GFC-Lisa Richards


    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  17. I played in a competitive mixed-doubles badminton tournament, and we won the "B" event. That isn't bad, considering that I'm almost 52 and my partner is almost 50, and we beat out a bunch of skinny/fit players in their twenties!

  18. I worked all weekend and missed the wonderful weather though heard about it from many customers.

  19. I hung out with my DH. Nothing really exciting, but it was nice quiet time. :D

  20. Just discovered your blog! Great! :) We had fabulous spring weather here, so I was digging around in the garden (planting some new strawberries and flowers) and enjoying the sun with my family.

  21. Lisa, I love motorcycles. So jealous!

    Laney4, how fun! Congrats on the win-- that's awesome :)

    Diane, Sorry :( If it's any consolation, I'm working for the next five weekends-- speaking engagements and tour dates until the end of May!

    Dyromance-- I wish. My honey picked me up at the airport and then left an hour later for his business trip. We're ships passing in the night these days.

    ClaudiGC-- Welcome! I'm glad you're here :) How fun-- I'm not much of a gardener, but I love to get outside with my boys. Usually we play football or baseball or soccer-- anything that gives them a chance to cripple or maim me for life makes them happy, LOL!

  22. I helped my 15 year old study for his drivers test. If he passes I will need everyone's prayers. He my speed demon.

  23. Didd't do anything fun last week, just rested up from the week before when we spent the whole week in New Orleans, so much fun.

    follow on gfc

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  24. I had a dinner with my big family :) including my mom, dad, dh, boys, my sister and her family, my aunts, uncles..many !

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  25. Tracy sounds like you had a much more exciting week than mine. My week consisted of doctor appts., picking up my presciption support hosery for my knees & ankles and checking up updates on when they are having a 50th grand opening of our Sunken Gardens, and across the street our Lincoln Children's Zoo.