Sunday, October 3, 2010

Movie Monday: Easy A

I know, it's been forever since I've done this, but I'm trying to be a good girl in October. It's my birthday month and all, so maybe I'll actually stick to my guns for once.
Anyway, the movie I wanted to talk about today is Easy A. Maybe it's all the YA romance I've been reading and writing lately or maybe it's my appreciation of Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter, but I loved this movie. It was so much fun to watch. Emma Stone is absolutely hilarious and the supporting cast does a brilliant job of keeping up with her (especially her slightly off-center parents and arch-enemy played by Amanda Bynes).
I laughed from the opening scene until the credits rolled and highly recommend the film to anyone who wants a fun, frivolous and surprisingly smart teen flick.
So, how about you? Seen any good movies lately?


  1. Unfortunately the last good movie I saw was "Toy Story 3", but it was really good. That moment when they accepted the inevitable and held hands to face their doom together was pretty powerful.

  2. Tracy have you seen Wall Street-Easy Money or is that one too long and boring for you?

    I want to go see Easy A but my sweetie is not into chick flicks like this one and probably will get to rent it when it comes out on PPV as no girl friends available to go with me close by that have the time....

    Other than The Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston and Shutter Island with Leo DiCaprio have nothing to really rave about that have seen this year so far....

    jackie ^_^

  3. I can't remember the last movie I saw! Oh that's not true, we got Public Enemy with Jonny Depp from Netflix a few days ago! I didn't see the whole movie though. Just the beginning and then the end.......everything in between is a blur! :)

  4. I haven't seen any movies lately, but I'm SOOOOO excited to see Hereafter when it comes out on 10/22! That will be my b-day present to myself. Maybe that should be your present to yourself too and you should come with me to see Matt!!! :)